A West Coast Adventure, Day Eight: Notes from the Road, Part Two

Today was a long and tiring day of driving but as I type this I am happy to say that we are situated in San Diego… well, really just outside of San Diego, but close enough… in an awesome house owned by a friend of mom’s. Wait until tomorrow when you see this (for today’s post is about the open road)!

We started the day with breakfast in San Francisco. Nothing exciting, just the hotel breakfast. Then I decided I wanted to see the ‘Full House’ houses from the opening credits so we went looking for them. Much like with the ‘Goonies’ house, I wasn’t immediately sure I was looking at them, but I think these were them:

The goal for the day was to take the scenic route along the California coast, which proved to be amazing for the first hour or so, and then a little nerveracking as we found ourselves driving along drops without any sort of guardrail. And, if I’m being honest, I got a little nauseous on the curves, and I’m not one prone to motion sickness (I can read in the car with no problem), so that’s saying something. However, the views were breathtaking.

Today I’m providing just a few glimpses of life along the road. Most pictures were taken from the car, but some I was able to get out of the cat at view points and get a few pictures of the coast. And let me just say… scenery is not my photography forte, but I did my best!

Stay tuned for tomorrow – there’s some exciting stuff as I explore in and around San Diego!

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