A West Coast Adventure, Days Ten and Eleven: Lazy Days

Yes, today IS day eleven and it’s only 9:18 a.m. where I am, but I forgot yesterday’s post and as today is already proving to be a no-picture, laze around the house and just relax and enjoy being on vacation day, I figured I’d just include it with day ten. If anything exciting should prove to happen later, I will amend this post to showcase it. However, other than transferring from the San Diego area to Los Angeles, nothing of super-exciting note will occur today.

But let’s begin with day ten. Yesterday morning we got up and got dressed and headed straight for Coronado, where we spent the morning at Hotel Del Coronado, which was built in 1899.

We spent a few hours lazing on the beach. I allotted my minutes in the sun and then retreated under the shady safety of the beach umbrella (it’s a production for me to get a decent tan while also avoiding a burn, and has to be done slowly and steadily with about ten minutes in the direct sun per day, but still doused in tons of sunscreen).

Once we had gotten our fill of the sand and the lovely beach breeze, we had lunch at the hotel, which was very nice. The best part was being told there would be a twenty minute wait only to be called for a table about three minutes later.

From lunch, we went to the nail salon and everyone got spa manicure/pedicures, and I threw in eyebrow waxing since I was going to do that when I returned from vacation anyway. It was very relaxing and since I never get the extra touches with those things (i.e. the ‘spa’ part) it was nice to splurge on it a little bit.

Back at the house, we relaxed, I continued my book (another Maria Semple novel, since I enjoyed the first one so much), and we turned on the jacuzzi. The rest of the evening was spent this way: relaxing, reading, getting in the jacuzzi, having dinner (we made burgers), and watching the sunset:

Despite having near daily access to a sunset view at home, I am still impressed with a good sunset! (Oh, and did I mention you could see stars here – a crazy, vast sky full of them that I NEVER get to see at home.)

The day was finished off with ice cream and Project Runway!

Thus far today we’ve been doing laundry, and making juice from the oranges we picked the other day (it’s AMAZING – I was just brought a glass of it), and getting packed up and ready to go to LA.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day lounging and reading.

Today marks approximately the halfway point of the trip (I actually think that might have been yesterday… the trip is about 20 days long total, though that includes the day I flew in and the day I fly back home). I’ll admit, I am feeling that homesick pull just a little bit, but mostly we’re doing so many amusing things that I don’t even notice it!

So, tomorrow I will be posting from LA, where I hope to at least see some Arrested Development filming locations, if not some actual Arrested Development filming!

And I realized I can’t continue to call this ‘A West Coast Adventure’ once I’m in Minnesota, so I may have to amend the title slightly.

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