Nautical Pillowcase Dress: Take Two

This is already my new favorite pattern.  And I think now that I’ve made it once, it went together even faster this time.  I’m searching my fabric stores for more scraps so I can make more versions of it!  This one was made with some of the leftover fat quarters, after I had cut out the quilt squares I needed (because, yes, I DO intend to make the quilt).

This one had a mostly orange motif (I wanted an excuse to use the adorable sailboat print), but I really liked the pop of the blue polka dot piece:


And here’s the finished product. My sister suggested yesterday that I should make the straps from leftover fabric and that was a much better idea. It’s sturdier and gathers the fabric better, and it doesn’t slip around as the fabric did on the ribbon:


So this is another option for a cute little dress, but one that isn’t super-girly.

Here’s the dress from yesterday, with the fabric strap:


And, just because, the dresses together:


I’m hoping to find a little model for these before I put them in the shop, so I can make sure the straps are not too long (which I suspect that they are).

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