Nick Offerman at BAM

Yesterday, my friend Steve and I went to see Nick Offerman speak at BAM. Well, really it was a question and answer session after a movie with him, as well as the director and an actress from the movie. The movie was called Somebody Up There Likes Me, and it was a odd little dark comedy.

In any case, once the movie was over, Offerman came out and answered a bunch of questions, and was every bit as hilarious as he is when I see him on Parks and Rec or in interviews. It was pretty awesome.

Some pictures:



We got to the movie a little bit late and the only seats left were in the first row of the theater, which ended up working out really well for after the movie, since we were basically within touching distance of the actors (okay, that sounds creepy, but they WERE really close!).

We even got to catch the live version of Offerman’s recent break dancing demonstration!

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