The Making of My Sister’s Wedding: Flower Girl Dresses, Part One

This will be just one in what I am sure will be a series of posts about the Making of My Sister’s Wedding (mostly I’m calling it that so I don’t have to explain every time I post about it that the wedding I’m prepping is not my own)! My main job, aside from planning the shower (which is in less than two weeks now!!) and the bachelorette party is to make the dresses for the three flowers girls. The girls are the groom’s nieces, and they are seven, five and two and absolutely adorable! I’m really looking forward to making the dresses for them and to work with this really amazing fabric that we found at Joann Fabrics over the weekend.

This fabric excursion was a long time coming. We’ve beeen talking about going, but never got around to it, until finally I suggested we take advantage of being near the Joann fabric store while visiting grandma this past weekend.

This fabric was 40% off and right by the door when we walked in. We both initially noticed it, and then walked around looking for other fabric, but nothing was quite right. This fabric screamed flower girl, and actually goes very well with my sister’s wedding dress (which she has, and it’s beautiful, but you’ll have to wait until after the wedding on August 31st to see it!).


It’s a tulle with flowers and petals on it, and we think the girls are really going to like them. I think it’ll create a really nice ethereal feeling to go along with the rest of the wedding.

And now, you have to ignore the way this pattern is made up and picture it with a slightly longer skirt but here’s the basic design:


More to come soon, as I document the making of these dresses!

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