What I Read: November 2015


1. All the Beautiful Brides, by Rita Herron

I have no idea how I found this book, though I imagine it was likely recommended to me on Amazon or something because of all the crime thrillers I read. This one was not one of the better ones – it was like part-crime novel with a weird romance novel subplot thrown in there for good measure. It tells the story of Cal and Mona, essentially, two friends who would’ve been a couple had it not been for the addition of a third party (Cal’s best friend). After a woman is found murdered with a rose in her throat and wearing a wedding dress, an old case is reopened the their small town is rocked with the investigation of the murder. It bears striking similarities to an older crime. I have to say, this is another novel that kept me guessing until the end, but mostly because it made the main killer pretty obvious – it was the backstory behind it that wasn’t as obvious. It was a decent read, however there were a lot of little subplots and twists and turns that seemed unnecessary, and kind of knowing who the culprit was early on kind of took away from it.

2. The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain

This one was part of the Book Challenge.  Post here.

3. Fudge-a-mania, by Judy Blume

Yes, I read a less than 200-page children’s book.  This was for the book challenge – a book you can read in a day.  With my busy schedule, it has to be a book for children! Read the full post here.

4. Matilda, by Roald Dahl

Yeah, okay, I read ANOTHER children’s book.  This was also for the book challenge – a book from your childhood.  Read the full post here.

5. The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith

In an effort to plow through the book challenge, this became book thirty-four.  Read about it here.

I almost made it to six full books, but I got busy on the last day of the month and that sixth one didn’t quite make it in…

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