Bon Voyage Dress: Part Two

I am so excited about this dress and I’m not even close to being done.  I love this fabric so much and the design I picked was perfect for it.  I can’t wait to wear it!

Stay-stitching the bodice front.

The completed bodice front.  I knew I loved this fabric but it was at this point that I already fell in love with this dress.  The pattern is great and the shaping of the bust is going to be very flattering I think.  This picture doesn’t quite capture the bust shaping, however.

Bodice front and back attached, ready for the next step.  At this point I paused to cut out the lining.

Pressing the seams down.  Such an important step and something I rarely did as a beginner, thinking it didn’t really matter.  But pressing makes a big difference.  Don’t skip it!

Pinning the skirt pieces together.  I actually sewed the entire lining and didn’t take pictures.  Then I assumed the lining step would be completed upon finishing the bodice, but this pattern has the skirt being attached first, so I set the lining aside.

Attaching the pockets.  I actually got as far as piecing the entire skirt together and prepping the hem, but I didn’t take pictures as my phone was plugged in and charging.

Next up: gathering stitches in the skirt, attaching the skirt and attaching the lining.  Also coming soon will be my finishing work post.  We have spring break next week and so I’ll be able to get stuff done.

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