{Travel Tales: Malta & Italy, Part Eight – Slowing Down}

The next two days of the trip were a much slower affair.  To sum up (though I will be a tad more thorough): we ate and we slept.

Sunday morning was spent closing up the apartment and prepping for our move to Sarah’s grandmother’s house.  Her parents were leaving the next day and for the duration of the trip we would be staying at her grandmother’s house. We stripped the beds, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the bathroom and packed all our suitcases.

We arrived for lunch to find Raymond and Gabby there as well.  Sarah’s grandmother prepared us an awesome meal of pasta and rabbit, similar to the one I had in the restaurant a few days earlier.  She also made a whole rabbit cooked in wine, which was also delicious, but technically not part of the meal we were eating.

2017-07-09 22.52.02

Ou room at Sarah’s grandmother’s house was almost the exact image I’ve always had in my mind of where you would stay if you did a home exchange as a student.

Our only plan for the day was to meet the family for dinner that night, and so we spent some time unpacking and just resting.  I actually took a nap.  ME.  Napping.  I was reading and I just dozed off, and stayed that way for a decent amount of time.  That either tells me that I’m fully relaxed or that I really, really needed sleep.  In this case, I think it was a little bit of both.  Even though we didn’t get up crazy early that morning, we did go to bed at two the night before and therefore didn’t sleep as much as usual.

Post nap we went to Ta’Phillip restaurant.  We brought both of Sarah’s grandmothers and we were joined by Beatrice, Mandy, Simon, Mikayla, Grace and Joan.  The restaurant was very good: Sarah and I split a prosciutto and avocado appetizer, and then octopus and king prawns.

It was a nice end to Sarah’s parents stay in Malta.  The evening was lovely – at one point we went for a short walk around the corner and looked out at the water.  Everyone was amazingly accommodating to us, knowing that we would be transportation limited and they practically planned the rest of our week out before we could even ask.

The next day was Friday, which meant we had been away for a full week.  We spent the morning shopping and visiting Mandy at work in Victoria.  I got the last of my Malta gifts, and then we returned to the house.  It was another day of eating, sleeping and reading.  I can’t complain.  I napped again, clearly completely engrossed in the idea of the siesta at this point.

We spent a lot of time with Sarah’s grandmother watching the “Fine Living” channel on t.v.  Think HGTV, only with a lot of shows you’ve never seen before.  I’m sure they exist here, but I’ve never seen them before.  However, I did become quite familiar with them as they showed the same previews over and over again (and I later learned that most of them are on the DIY Network).  Generally we would watch while we were enjoying some afternoon coffee and biscuits.

We sat and made some plans for our Italy trip.  Realizing we might need to print out some things, we made plans to go to Joan’s house later in the week so we could use her computer.  We had dinner, and then drove down to Mgarr to take a little walk around the harbor.  We had tried to go to Marsalforn but there was some sort of horse race gong on and the road was blocked.

It was even better that we went to Mgarr, as I hadn’t had the opportunity to walk around there and take pictures yet.  We walked along the water looking at the boats before we headed back for the night.  We had a big day the next day – our all day boat tour day had arrived!

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