{A Homemade Halloween: Stick Figure Stickers}

This year’s work Halloween costume was a process.  Well, not to make but to decide on.  I threw around a ton of ideas before finally deciding on the final verdict: stick figures!  The twist came to me a couple of weeks later when I decided we would be those stick figure people that are on the back windshields of cars.

I’m going to be honest here and say that I really didn’t get to this costume until the last possible second.  With the school play being earlier than usual I was busy with a million things most of October, and it was only about ten days before Halloween that I cracked down.

So it was a good thing that I didn’t pick a particularly complicated costume.

For the record, I have won four out of the five times I have participated in the Work Halloween Costume Competition, three times winning Most Creative costumes and last year, Funniest Costume.  The competition gets fiercer every year!  (Scroll down to find out how we did this year.)

I knew the theory behind what I wanted to do, but we needed to prototype it.  Basically all we did was get black gorilla tape and white sweatsuits to make the stick figures.  The above picture is an image from our prototyping process so the fact drawing is not how it ended up coming out in the end.

After that, it was a simple matter of taping everyone up and we were basically set, outfit-wise.

(The day we were doing the taping I was wearing a dress, hence the lumps under the shirt as I bunched it up so we could tape my legs.)

Once the bodies were made it was time to make the faces.  To make this process a little easier, I bought cardboard cake plates and made the faces.  

These were the faces before one of my fashion club girls asked if she could do a little sprucing up.  I let her go to town and she perfected the faces for me.

Of course, me being me, I decided the costume needed a twist and so I created our minivan!  Of course, I also forgot to take any sort of documentation video of this process.  I took a large roll of paper, cut a big window out of it and attached a bunch of printed out bumper stickers – and even a license plate!

The finished product:

And where’s the car, you ask?  Well, it’s that rolled up blue thing behind us cause it really turned out not to be practical and it was just unnecessery and hard to hold up.


Did we win?  Not this year – there was some stiff competition.  But rest assured that next year we’ll be back with a vengeance!  I’ve already got the ball rolling – when Beauty and the Beast is finished in February, I attack!

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