{Makeup Review: Besame Cosmetics Lipstick}

I am completely obsessed with Besame Cosmetics lipstick. Like so much so that I tried a few samples and now own four of their full size lipsticks, all within a seven day span of time.

Before we get into my full review, though, here’s a little bit of background:

I got really into wearing red lipstick while I was in Europe over the summer. I’ve never been one for wearing lipstick very much (aside from Halloween costumes) but as with so much in life, I just hadn’t met my match yet. Once that happened the game changed.

For whatever reason, this red lipstick I had in my makeup bag and I clicked the day we were going to the wedding in Malta.   While getting ready, I pulled the lipstick out, determined to apply it correctly and not feel like I was painting on a clown face.  I quickly picked up the technique and I was hooked. The lipstick pictured above is one of the name brands from a drugstore that I bought a long time ago (I want to say it’s called Red Revival but I can’t remember the exact brand).

After that experience, the red lipstick came out a lot more during the trip, especially in Rome (why I associated red lipstick with being in Rome, I don’t know but that’s what happened!).  However, when I got home, I couldn’t bring myself to wear it.  It still felt all “special-occasionally” to me, and I wasn’t ready to make the commitment to everyday. Part of this was because I thought my favorite lipstick – red – was not meant for daywear.

The quest began to find a neutral I liked began. I found a decent pinkish-nudish color that I tried out a few times. It didn’t look bad but I wasn’t dazzled by it. And so I just continued to go lipstick-less, save for the occasional girl’s night out or holiday celebration.

Enter Besame.

I discovered the company via Instagram through a few accounts that I follow. I would check out the company and drool over their vintage colors and packaging, but was reluctant to make a purchase. I finally committed to buying one full size as well as a sample pack of their most popular sizes, and I was not disappointed.

First of all, this packaging is beautiful. The top is my full size Victory Red, and the bottom is the sample pack.

Of course, I ripped into the package as soon as it arrived and immediately started trying lipsticks on. This proved semi-disastrous as I kept washing it off and putting a new one on, thus making my lips super dry. Plus the evening light in my house wasn’t ideal for picture tests of the makeup. I decided I needed to start taking it for test runs to see how I liked the various colors.

The very next day, I tried the Dusty Rose (pictured above).  I was very eager to give it a go, as many of Besame’s colors fall in the red category, which I love, but it was good to have what I considered the everyday option in a more neutral pink color. I wore it to work the day after I got it, and loved it. It lasted all day with just a little bit of a reapplication after lunch.  But even drinking my morning coffee didn’t spoil it – there was hardly any lipstick on the cup at all, another thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of with other lipsticks.

Red Velvet accompanied me on my trip to Anastasia. This one I didn’t wear all day, still not believing that red could be for all day. My experience with Red Velvet changed that – I loved it! It was by far my favorite, and I even wore it work the next day. It’s a good all-purpose red, and very subtle.


Cherry Red made it out for Waitress.  While waiting in the car for my mom, I applied this next red, immediately loved it.  This was the one I was having second thoughts about when it arrived.  In my apartment lighting, it looked brighter than the sample, however in the light of day and outside, it was lovely.  I plan to use this one, along with the Victory Red (which I will try the next time I have something exciting going on) for more special occasions – this will likely not be an everyday red.

I am completely sold on Besame, and am looking forward to trying out their mascara and foundation soon.

(Note: Nothing about this post is sponsored.  It is simply me, gushing about a new obsession.  I do that.  A LOT.)

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