{Make Nine Goals: 2019}

Instagram is a funny thing, isn’t it? Through the power of social media, I have learned so many little challenges and hashtags that I can participate in. One fine example of this is the #makenine challenge, in which you post a grid image of nine patterns that you plan to make in the upcoming year. I’m sharing my Make Nine a little more officially here, with some fabric choices and ideas, and with the full knowledge that I will almost immediately veer off of my make nine when something new strikes my fancy!

Row One: 1. Agnes Top, 2. The Zadie Dress, 3. The Dana Point Top
Row Two: 4. The Chai Dress/Top, 5. The Mia Jeans, 6. The Molly Top
Row Three: 7. The Juniper Cardigan, 8. The Anna Dress, 9. The Sophia Dress

1. The Agnes Top

Designer: Tilly and the Buttons

This has been on my “to make” list for quite some time. After years of hunting for just the right shirts, I have come to learn that I will need to make my own to get what I am really looking for. I have a really love red polka dot jersey ready to go for this.

2. The Zadie Dress

Designer: Tilly and the Buttons

Knit dresses are my new favorite thing, for both ease of making and wearing, and the Zadie dress seems like the perfect addition to my growing collection! I don’t have fabrics in mind for this one just yet, but I want to do a solid and a print and also a color blocked version.

3. The Dana Point Top

Designer: Itch to Stitch

Itch to Stitch is a new discovery for me. I love her shirt patterns, which is something I’ve been hunting for. I find most shirt patterns to be too loose and billowy for my taste, so finding some lovely, fitted options was amazing. The Dana Point top looks like it’ll work really well paired with a sweater, or worn on it’s own when it’s warmer. I may use one of my fabrics from the Sew Over It fabric club I received recently.

4. The Chai Dress (and/or Top)

Designer: Itch to Stitch

The biggest decision I have about this pattern is whether I should make the top version or the dress version first! No fabric in mind yet; that will depend on the direction I choose to go in!

5. The Mia Jeans

Designer: Sew Over It

I mentioned in my 2018 makes post that I wanted to tackle jeans. Technically I’ve started tackling jeans, but I haven’t got very far. This year I want to accomplish this goal! This is the garment that will be a game changer if it comes out well. I’m a shortie so finding jeans that fit well it always a challenge.

6. The Molly Top

Designer: Sew Over It

This shirt pattern was published before the Edie Top, one of my favorites, but I have never made it. The time has come! I’ll probably go very traditional here and make a striped version.

7. The Juniper Cardigan

Designer: Jennifer Lauren Handmade

I found this pattern company almost by accident (it was actually via someone’s Instagram account to a Kickstarter campaign about the Sorrel Dress – which I have made and is a story for another time!). It’s a lovely knit cardigan and I want to find the perfect fabric before I tackle it. Since it’s a cardigan, I want to be able to pair it with a number of different outfits.

8. The Anna Dress

Designer: By Hand London

This one I envision as a party dress for… something. I have no upcoming events in mind, but I say there’s no harm in having a party dress ready to go! I’d love to make a velvet version, but that may need to wait until the next holiday season, so at this point that’s a tad premature. I also have a red crepe in mind for this one.

9. The Sophia Dress

Designer: By Hand London

This is another dress with multiple options, but I think I want to make the sheath version first. I need a new little black dress! (Or possibly a little red dress!)

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