{Mid-Month Sewing Update}

I was certain that finishing The Little Mermaid would mean that I would start sewing for myself like a fiend again. However, as we reach the middle of the month, I find myself with very little sewjo (sewing mojo, for those who are new to that term). Truth be told, I should have anticipated a slight burnout period, since I’ve been sewing nearly nonstop for the last five months or so.

This loss of sewjo doesn’t mean that I haven’t accomplished anything. It simply means I’ve slowed down from my usual output. I consider myself a very speedy sewist. This comes from years of working on the costumes and needed to get tons done in short periods of time. I’ve just trained myself to be fast. This carries over to my own sewing, although I don’t take quite as many shortcuts as I do when doing the costumes.

So far this month, I’ve cut out tons of projects and purchased new patterns with plans to make them up. I’ve actually managed to sew two new garments, which I look forward to showing off when I do my March makes post in a few weeks. I’m prepping and getting new clothes ready for Scotland. I’m listening to podcasts and gearing up for Me Made May (since I now wear me made almost all the time, my challenge is going to be to make a pair of jeans in May).

I’ve also managed to get some organization done. My sewing area looks a lot better than it has in a while, however the pile on the sewing table grows bigger by the day. One epic fail this month was when I tried to participate in the Sewcialists Mini Challenge on Instagram. Granted, the goal of the challenge was not to make something from start to finish in a four day span of time, but I literally cut out a Holly Jumpsuit (from By Hand London) and sewed like two seams before deciding I wasn’t feeling it and doing other things instead. The jumpsuit is not an abandoned project, just a delayed one.

So, I’m tried to take some time for me this week. I cleaned my apartment (still in the process, really), got some reading in, and just relaxed and rested. Even though I haven’t been working a lot of extra hours, I feel like I’ve been running around a lot, and I just needed a break. Even this shorter-than-usual blog post about essentially nothing was a small part of this little respite I’m taking!

Oh, but during the rest period I did do a little, tiny bit of work for next year’s musical. I started sampling Elsa fabric!

I’m looking forward to getting that sewjo back next week! Even without the actual desire to sew, the desire to want to sew is still there, and I just want to make all the clothes!

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