{My Makes for March}

As mentioned in my last post, it took me a while to get moving on my other interests again once The Little Mermaid was over. However, I managed to squeeze in three makes for March!

First up was the Eve Dress from Sew Over It. This was my first time making the dress, and it went together quickly and easily! I was surprised, as I had been dreading the project, even though I had the fabric cut out and was eager to make the dress. For some reason I felt like the wrap style would be difficult or taxing but it really wasn’t. I finished the dress over the course of a few afternoons. I used a cotton lawn, and while the dress is lovely, I feel like the fabric wasn’t quite drapey enough. I need to try the pattern again with something a little more floaty. However, I am quite happy with how it turned out, and I really like the pattern. For the next one I make, I want to try a really lovely crepe or something similar.

Next was a new Heather Dress, also from Sew Over It. The fabric was a knit from my fabric club box. I used both sides of the fabric to create a contrasting effect. Because I had made a Heather before, I was ready for the tricky pocket situation that gave me a little bit of trouble the first time around. However, having experience with it, and also with the recent Zadie dress I made (which has a similar pocket situation), I was able to get through this one in an afternoon. My only complaint is not really a complaint, per se. This was a different type of knit than my first Heather Dress, and the fit on the other one is a little better. There’s nothing wrong with this one, and it’s crazy cozy and comfortable, but I do prefer the slightly more fitted one that I have.

Finally we have the Agnes Top from Tilly and the Buttons. This is my new favorite shirt! When I first finished it, I tried it on and thought it was so snug I wouldn’t be able to wear it. However, one morning as I was getting dressed, I put it on just to see how it looked, and it was great! I wore it to work that day and it was so comfy that I immediately cut out another one when I got home that day. I have yet to sew that one up, but I suspect I will when I have some time this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of sewing to do in the next two weeks, and absolutely no time to do it in! I want to make a few things for my upcoming trip to Scotland and London, including an Uber-dorky Ravenclaw dress for the trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! I also have two dresses in the works that are almost done, so those will likely also become part of my traditional Sunday Sewing session.

Stay tuned to see what I create in April!

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