{Costume Design: Schitt’s Creek}

Greetings from Scotland! I’m on vacation this week, and I WILL be doing detailed posts about my activities as soon as I’m back, but for now I’ve got some scheduled stuff for you!

Schitt’s Creek has long been one of my favorite things currently on television. I discovered it on Netflix a few years ago, and am now an avid fan. I adore the story of the Rose family, once extremely wealthy but who have their fortune stolen from them. Left with nothing, they are forced to live in a rundown down that their patriarch, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) bought as a joke gift for son David (Dan Levy). There they meet the eccentric cast of characters who make up the town of Schitt’s Creek and the adventure starts there. The show is hilarious, but it’s also a really sweet tale of this family coming to terms with their fate and learning to accept their new home.

The show is great all around but dear lord, the costume designer for must have the greatest time in the world putting together the outfits for this show. I mean, look:

The Roses are particularly over the top. They are pampered and spoiled, and their ridiculous outfits show this, especially Moira and David. Moira’s costumes alone could be a museum exhibit. The matriarch of the Rose family, Moira is always wearing flashy outfits and has a collection of wigs (which she names) to fit her outfits – and her mood! There is nothing she wears that isn’t over the top and, most of the time, completely insane. She seems to take pleasure in her lavish appearance as she often mentions it in interactions with the other characters.

David is similar, but not quite as over-the-top as his mother. He is, however, just as much of a fashionista. In season one, he can’t handle the fact that his clothing could potentially be sold in the local thrift store. His wardrobe consists of a collection of mostly garish sweaters, which he wears no matter what the time of year may call for.

Alexis Rose provides a bohemian chic to the cast of characters. She is often in floaty dresses or her running clothes. Her style is often a little young for her character (by my calculations, based on a reference to her being seventeen ten years prior, Alexis is twenty-seven in the first season).

The contrast of the Rose family with the people of Schitt’s Creek is also amazing. Whenever Johnny and Roland are in the same scene, they are in stark contrast to each other. Johnny is in his tailored suits, while Roland prefers t-shirts and plaid shirts, along with his signature trucker hat and mullet. The men are opposites in every way possible and the costume design reflects that perfectly.

The contrast is also evident in David and Stevie, though these two characters complement each other rather than act as antagonists to each other. David and Stevie quickly gravitate towards each other when the Roses move to town and ultimately become best friends. Stevie is the polar opposite to David’s clothing, preferring to wear plaid shirts, jeans and t-shirts most of the time.

Patrick, David’s boyfriend, also provides an opposites attract complement to David. He is more clean cut, preferring plain button downs and pants. It is an absolutely perfect contrast.

The rest of the town is full of people, all with their own person, small-town style. Most of them get their clothes from the Blouse Barn, where the clothes are “skanky” (according to David, though he eventually starts working there).

I always say that contemporary costume design is underrated, and that people assume it’s easy because it’s simply choosing clothing for someone to wear. However, this is far from the truth. There is so much to consider, from the social status and age of the character to their personality quirks. You also need to figure out a wardrobe for another person that makes cohesive sense.

If you haven’t seen Schitt’s Creek yet, you definitely need to check it out! You can find the first four seasons on Netflix.

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