{My Makes for April}

With my trip being last month, I wanted to have lots of new clothes to wear in Scotland. Thus, April became a bit of a sewing frenzy! I made more personal projects than I have in months, and I’m thinking this is the beginning of a very productive period for me!

First up, we have Lea. The Lea Dress came with an issue of Lisa Comfort Magazine last spring, and I’ve never made it. Now, its one of my favorite patterns! This version is made up in a cotton lawn that came in one of my Sew Over It Fabric Club boxes. This is not a fabric I would ever choose on my own. I tend to shy away from yellow, but this had such a beautiful print on it that I knew it had to become a dress. I didn’t know which dress for a while, and then I finally decided it was about time I got around to making Lea. I’m so glad I did. I love it!

Next is my second Zadie Dress. For this one, I again went with two different fabrics. The print I got from Sew Over It, and for the solid I used some remnants from a previous project. It’s just a simple black Ponte. I chose the short sleeve version for this one (though the picture doesn’t look like it since I’m wearing a black sweater). This dress is so comfortable. I actually wore it on the plane and it was great!

The third is actually also a Zadie Dress, and this was a completely ridiculous make specifically for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It’s a Ravenclaw dress! I made it in blue and silver Ponte de Roma that I got from Mood Fabrics. Because I never got a good full picture of it, here’s a few images to try and piece together the gist:

I have no idea what other event I would wear this dress to, but I’m going to hold on to it just in case! You never know when another super-nerd Harry Potter event is going to happen!

Technically if I never made another dress in my life, I would probably be all set. (But we all know that’s not going to happen!) So I decided I should make myself another new shirt. As I had such great results with my last Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Shirt, I made another one. Fabric was from the Sew Over It Fabric Club and is an adorable sprinkle print. I made a shorter sleeved Agnes. Its super cute, and I plan to get a lot of wear out of it. I’d love to make a circle skirt to wear with it at some point. I’m also considering making a sleeveless Zadie, which I suppose would technically be a pattern hack since that’s not an option with it, but I think it would make a great summer tank.

My favorite make of the month was my new Penny Dress. I made it with fabric from Lisa Comfort’s new line (which I received in my Fabric Club box). I realized later that I copied the exact sample version Sew Over It made without knowing it; I must have seen their version at some point and ingrained it into my brain. I love this dress so much. The fabric is a beautiful crepe that drapes so well, and was a lot easier to work with than you would think. The print is gorgeous and right up my alley. I made the dress a while back, but wanted to save it for the day we went to the whiskey distillery. I think the whole look of the day defines me so well: drinking whiskey in a dress! It’s the epitome of “whiskey in a teacup.”

Finally, we have my new Ultimate Wrap Dress. This one did not end up coming on the trip. This dress was made in a viscose jersey from Sew Over It (I mean, where else… my blog is pretty much just a constant giant advertisement for them!). This was not my favorite make of the month, and I don’t really know why it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Perhaps the jersey was just a little bit too light, or maybe I just don’t like the way I styled the dress. Either way, I’m going to hold on to it and see how I want to style it next time. It’s also possible, the day I wore it, I just wasn’t feeling like my best self and am blaming that on the dress. Who knows?

April was also Selfless Sewing Month at Sew Over It, so I participated by making a number of pairs of leggings for my niece. They also had a focus on sustainability, so the fabric used for these leggings was leftovers from my own knit projects. I made her four pairs of leggings, and have three more cut out and ready to go. Turns out, making these little leggings is super fun and quick, so I’m making her plenty more.

All in all, April was quite a productive month. As we enter the last eight weeks or so of the school year, things will get a bit crazy, but I’m sure I’ve already got some makes planned for May and June. I visited the real Sew Over It store in London and now have tons of fabric in my stash ready to go, so I need to get cracking!

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