{Sewing Space Overhaul}

I’ve bought my apartment eight years ago, and am still trying to figure out exactly how I want to organize it. This past month, I found myself with a little extra cash (thanks to a car repair I needed being under warranty, there therefore free!), and I was finally able to get what I needed for my sewing space overhaul.

First thing I got was a new desk chair. I got the idea of an upholstered desk chair into my head a while back, and haven’t been able to let it go. Until now, I’ve had a wooden chair that I brought from my old apartment when I moved. Not only was it not super comfortable, but it wasn’t on wheels and so it was starting to wreck havoc to my floors. The new chair is beautiful and comfortable for sewing work – and it has wheels!

You can check out a similar chair here.

Next up was a rug. I’ve wanted a rug for this space for the LOOOOONGEST time. I know, I know… a rug in a sewing space? Won’t it be covered in fabric bits and thread all the time? So far, so good but I know I can’t escape this fate forever. But that’s what vacuums are for! If I’m being completely honest, I really wanted an excuse to own a Rifle Paper Co. rug. They happened to have one in a size that was the perfect fit for my little sewing space, as though it was meant to be! Click here for link to the rug.

The rug and the chair were the only new things that I purchased. Everything else was a matter of working with what I had. I cleared out a shelf in my desk hutch to house my fabric (at least the fabric that I’m using soon… I have another stash shelf in a closet that has my remnants from projects and whatnot), which made a big difference to the organization of the room. I also cleared off the area with the printer so that it just hold a few sewing books, the paper and the printer now. All of the various debris is now in a drawer, out of sight.

At the last minute, I decided to move the sewing machine to the larger surface, so that I could have a little desk space as well. This was an added bonus that I wasn’t planning but absolutely love. I can sit next to my windows and work on various things on the computer (like blog posts!).

While working at the desk, I can either watch a movie, as the sewing space is directly behind my living space, or I can enjoy the view out of the window to my right (yes, I purchased my apartment largely for the view – I get great sunsets!).

And while I don’t absolutely love having the sewing machine and serger next to each other aesthetically, it’s much more convenient and having the desk space makes it worth it. Part of the reason that I did this is because the chair doesn’t roll as easily as I imagined it would on the rug, and sliding myself back and forth from the sewing machine to the overlock machine wasn’t the smooth ride I wanted it to be. Makes more sense to use both machines together, and just move the chair over to the desk space when I need it.

Behind my desk, you can also see a glimpse of my sewing table. The above picture is what it looks like when it’s folded. It’s an amazing craft table that I got on Amazon a few months ago. When in use, it takes up a TON of space, but makes my cutting jobs so much easier on my back. However, it folds down so small that it makes it the perfect addition to the room.

I still have some work to do. Underneath my desk there is a mess of stuff that I just don’t know what to do with, and generally just cover with a curtain from the visible side (i.e. the side facing the part of the apartment that’s NOT the sewing studio). I’m sure I will figure it out with time, as my organization systems tend to evolve how I need them now. But for now, with everything tucked away (for the most part!), it feels like my little sewing/office oasis.

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  1. Karen

    It looks so pretty and efficient! That rug though. I’m all 😍 over it. I wonder if you put one of those large sheets of plastic (like in an office) over your rug, if it would help you slide around to where you want to be? Thanks for sharing your inspiring sewing space.

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