{My Makes for August}

Oh, man. I went back to work this week and I am exhausted! The first week back is always the roughest, and I’ve gotten home everyday and just completely vegged out on the couch. So far, no sewing has really occurred in September (just a few starts that I need to get back to), but I’m kind of okay with that right now, as I managed to produce six new items in August!

First up we have the Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress, which is perhaps my favorite make of the entire month. I absolutely love the quirky 80’s-vibed fabric. I think I’m totally going to wear this one when I go to the Friends Pop Up Exhibit next week (yes, I know Friends was the 90’s, but I think it works anyway!). If you want to read more of my thoughts on the Fringe, click here for my review of the pattern.

Next up was the Sew Over It Doris Dress. I’ve actually made one of these before, but never worn it (it’s very short, so I need to have the right context for it). This time around I did the longer version so I would have one for work. It came out great! The fabric is a tad sheer (you can see the lighter spots as I’m wearing it), but nothing a slip doesn’t fix.

Up next was my third Sew Over It Heather Dress, which I changed up a little and tried with the short sleeves. Much like my other Heathers, it is super comfy to wear, and I really like the way it turned out!

The Colette Patterns Wren Dress was another favorite this month. I had been looking for something like it for a long time, and am looking forward to making another. I did a review of the pattern here.

One very simple make of the month was the Sew Over It London Bilberry T-Shirt, which is available as a pattern when you sign up for their Stitch School. It’s a nice basic jersey pattern. I followed the tutorial to lower the scoop neck, and they recently came out with one to make it a v-neck which I really want to try.

I didn’t do a separate review of this one as it’s just a basic pattern, but it’s really easy to work with, and if you watch the videos on the stitch school it’s a piece of cake! If I have any complaints about it, it’s that it comes up just a hair too short for me, but that’s an easy fix for my next one!

My final make of the month was a Sew Over It Eve Dress. I found this gorgeous large print fabric from Blackbird Fabrics, and knew I needed to make something that would show it off. In retrospect, I wish I had thought about the flower placement a little bit more, but overall I like the dress a lot. This fabric is much drapier than the one I made my first Eve out of, and I liked the way it fell much better.

I’m curious to see what happens this month with the return to work! There’s a lot going on in the coming weeks: auditions for Frozen, Jr., my sister is due to have a new baby soon, and of course the day to day of heading into work and getting lessons and whatnot done. I’m hoping to add a little costuming element to each make post, since I know that from October-January, my personal sewing time will be virtually nonexistent! But are you ready to build a snowman? Cause I am!

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