{Out and About: Downton Abbey, The Movie}

This is going to be a short and sweet post today, mainly because I neglected to schedule a post for today earlier in the week and scrambled to write this at midnight last night! (And then at 12:17 I accidentally reloaded it and lost half my work!)

So here’s what I was able to accomplish:

A few months ago, the trailer for the new Downton Abbey movie was released, and it’s glorious. Now, if you’re not a fan of Downton Abbey, you cannot possibly understand my ugly crying reaction to the brief scene in the trailer when they circle the castle and play the theme music. And if you are a Downton fan, perhaps you totally get me… or still think I’m totally nuts, but that’s okay!

Ugly crying aside, I knew I would need to see this new movie as soon as it came out – and that I did! Last night I headed out after working late to see it on opening night.

Before going, I read the headline for a review that said “the Downton Abbey movie is pointless but a must-see for super fans.” After seeing the movie, I would say this was dead on accurate. I was thrilled to be able to spend more time with the Crawley family, and I loved every pointless minute of this movie.

The plot revolves around a royal visit to Downton. The King and Queen are coming, and both the upstairs and downstairs people have to scramble to get ready. When the royal visitors begin to arrive, the strain of the visit starts to show on the family and servants alike, and they must band together to get through it.

Everyone you have come to know and love from the show is there. It has Mary’s haughty but ultimately good hearted personality, Carson’s attention to detail, favorite couples all still together and, of course, the amazing one-liners from Violet Crawley. Maggie Smith delivers them all perfectly. There are a few I want to go back and find, as I found them so perfect.

The costumes, of course, were beautiful though I will admit that I didn’t have a ton of standouts like I do when I watch the show on t.v. However, I will plan a post about the costumes from both the series and the movie for the near future.

If you’re not a Downton Abbey fan, this movie is definitely not for you. There are a lot of references to the show that might make it slightly difficult to understand some of the relationships amongst the characters, and various other details that just might be strange if you don’t have the background knowledge. However, if you’re the type of Downton fan that I am, you’ll be happy just to spend some more time with the Crawleys.

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