{Monthly Sewing Update: October 2019}

As I mentioned in last month’s makes post, I am changing the regular feature to a “sewing update.” This time of year, I have barely any personal sewing time, and so the months of my having four or five makes to show off are just not happening right now. I am swamped with Frozen instead (which sounds negative but I truly love being swamped with the musical!).

That being said, I did manage to make something for myself this month! It was still Frozen related though. I decided two days before our school trip to Frozen Broadway that I needed a new dress. I had this gorgeous fabric from Oak Fabrics and it just screamed Frozen to me.

Because I had limited time, I went with a tried and true pattern: the Sew Over It Betty Dress. I knew I could make this one quickly and I knew I wouldn’t need to deal with any fitting issues. I managed to whip this one up in about four hours.

Other than this one dress though, I didn’t make anything for myself. Everything else was Frozen progress. I have successfully made the transformation dress for “Let it Go,” but that one is going to remain top secret until the show has premiered in February.

To tide you over, here’s some images of what I can show you:

October was the month of Anna. I spent tons of time on the coronation dress, and Anna’s “casual” dress. The result? The casual dresses are completely done and ready to be worn, and the coronation dress is taking forever. I’m hand painting the panels and then everything needs to get sewn together. It’s complex but it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done.

I am moving forward steadily but slowly. I hope to get a ton done from my to do list this week, and hopefully NOT go crazy around the holidays! But time will tell: I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to update with next month!

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