{December Sewing Update}

Seems insane to do the December sewing update in the middle of January, but here we are. I don’t have a ton to report that doesn’t have to do with Frozen, and looking back at my pictures I’m realizing that all projects I worked on are ones that I don’t want to show off until they appear on stage! So, I’m going to try and write this out without being too boring, and show off some cryptic previews.

First off December was a HUGE month of progress for the play. I finished Elsa’s “Let it Go” dress, the iconic blue one rather than the coronation one. We needed two of these, as the different girls who play Elsa have a size difference big enough to make sharing the costume a little iffy.

The dress is remaining a secret until it is revealed during the song, but here a little preview:

My sister was kind enough to build a Sven head for me, as I admittedly had no idea where to even start with this. I spent much of my winter vacation upstate with her and her family, and I played with the kids while she worked on the head. It came out better than anything I could’ve come up with, and I’m excited to see the whole thing together. This will eventually paired with the body costume to create the full look of Sven.

I also got a pretty good start on Olaf, but I actually have no pictures at all of him yet. He didn’t come out quite as I had planned, but I do like what eventually ended up happening. He’s made of white fleece and he’s super soft and fluffy.

At one point or another, I decided it bothered me that the villagers go to the coronation day celebration in their “peasant” clothes, and I decided to make them all a ballgown. However, the only picture I have to show for it is a mistake: I worked late one night and I ended up putting on a sleeve completely inside out.

Frozen is only three weeks away, and I am planning to show all these costumes off in all their glory! You may even see a few before the the show happens, as I will have a post on the day of the Friday show with my January updates.

This month, I hope to actually make myself a few things. I want to have some new stuff to wear to the show, and I have some plans that involve character-inspired garments! But for now, I’m happy to have made progress on the musical – we’re in the home stretch!

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