{Latest Makes: March 2020}

With everything going on in the world, I didn’t realize how productive I’ve actually been the last couple of weeks. I thought it was time to show off my latest makes, minus one which I never got to wear (it was for the TWA Hotel birthday) and which is not currently on me to model just for a picture.

My sewjo has been lackluster, at best, the last couple of months. I wanted to sew but my desire to actually get anything done was more or less non-existent, despite having all kinds of fabric and projects in mind.

One thing that I managed to finish was the Sew Over It Heather dress in a super cute crab print which also came from Sew Over It back when they sold a large variety of fabrics (currently they only sell their brand fabrics)! This was my fourth Heather dress, and it’s such an easy pattern to make and wear. I initially had other plans for this fabric, but at the last minute decided to cut out a Heather instead.

This counts as my Sewing Bingo “fabric from stash” category as I had the fabric for quite some time before getting around to making something with it.

Next up was the Deer and Doe Magnolia dress, which I showed off in my last post about my birthday. This one was a great make as well, and one that I had been putting off for a while. I bought the Atelier Brunette fabric especially for it, and finally got to use it! I can’t wait to be able to wear this dress out and about again!

This one counts as “a first” for Sewing Bingo, since I had never made a Magnolia dress before. It will not be my last either.

My next make was the Sew Over It Georgie Dress, one of their more recent patterns, but still one that came out months ago that I have not had a chance to make. This one came out back in November (I think!), and I did actually make one, and never posted about it. I don’t love it, and I didn’t think it was flattering. However, I felt like that had more to do with the fabric I chose (a thicker knit) than with the pattern itself. And so I tried again, using a lighter, viscose jersey from SOI that I bought when they had their final fabric sale.

I love how this one came out! The only thing I would change is possibly the length, though that may be the angle of the photo making it look very long cause I had my five year old niece take this picture.

This one also makes the Sewing Bingo lineup as it was a “pattern from stash!”

My final recent make, finished just days ago, is a repeat of the Colette Patterns Wren dress. It’s a great dress and pattern, but this fabric was SO incredibly fussy. I also ran into issues with my work serger, which I brought with me upstate – it’s just not working! So the inside of this dress is not my prettiest, but the outside is still pretty good. Fabric aside, I love the pattern and I like the finished result!

As far as Sewing Bingo goes, this one also fits into a category: a repeat! This is the third Wren that I’ve made.

I’m so excited to have made so much for my sewing bingo challenge this month! And with months to go, I may actually make it through this challenge this year!

Additionally, I made some really great progress with my personal Make Nine Challenge. This year, as you know if you’ve been following along, I chose nine fabrics instead of nine projects. With any luck, I’ll get another one of these done soon (I have the fabric with me), but the others will need to wait until I get back home!

I’ve got a few more projects lined up for my quarantine upstate, and I’ve put together quite a cute little stash (with two more knits coming for warmer weather t-shirts!).

I’m missing home something fierce right now, but I am happy and thankful to be out of the city, with family and still able to sew!

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