{Adventures in T-Shirt Making}

Somehow I am still struggling to figure out how to manage my time efficiently in this quarantine. While I manage to keep my remote teaching within the confines of the school day hours, I am doing other projects for my job (social media based) that take up time. I’m also staying with my sister and her family, and even though I’m not the primary caregiver of the three kids, they still want a lot of my attention! I’ve also been attempting work workout regularly so there goes some more time.

With this, I managed to make myself a few new items, both new t-shirts that I hope I will get to wear in public at some point in the near future.

The first is the Sew Over It Audrey Shirt. I loved this the moment I saw it in my inbox (I am in their PDF club), but I waited a whole month until I made one! Now I want them in every view and all the colors and patterns! It was such a quick and easy make, although I do find myself still struggling a bit when it comes to neckbands for knit garments. Fabric is Hello Heidi, purchase are Oak Fabrics. It’s really soft and cozy!

Next up was the Jennifer Lauren Handmade Vielle Top, another one I have had my eye on for a while (and which is admittedly quite similar to the Audrey but I feel like they sew up very different). I had more of a struggle with the neckband on this one and it’s a little puckered. Still it’s only up close that you can see that and it’ll look good in person. I have a second one of these planned and I’ll see if I can make improvements to the neckband. Fabric is from Blackbird Fabrics.

Why am I not modeling these? Well, I mentioned I was trying to be more consistent with exercise… and that’s because, like many, quarantine has meant a lot of eating! And I’m just not feeling in my best shape. The shirts fit but there bulges where I don’t want them and so I’m just showing off the shirts today. Eventually I will get pictures of myself in them!

I have a few more projects in the works, and some new fabric in the way. I am looking forward to getting home and having access to all my supplies – hopefully soon! – so we’ll see how much I manage to get done in the weeks I’m still here!

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