{New Dresses!}

It’s hard to come up with blog content when you’re not doing all that much. However, I am determined to keep some sort of routine, so posting every Tuesday and Friday holds me accountable for something.

That being said… technically it’s Saturday when I’m posting this but I’m backdating it to Friday to keep the posting dates consistent. Oh well… today is short and sweet anyway!

I am still not in the mood to wear my newly made clothes. I don’t think my quarantine eating is that terrible anymore but I feel super out of shape right now. However, I wanted to show off the two dresses I made recently!

First up is the Sew Over It Lea Dress. This was featured in an issue of Lisa Comfort Magazine. I’ve made one before but have been itching to make another. This lovely viscose print from Blackbird Fabrics was perfect for it. Made due without a server, zig-zagging my raw edges. While the inside doesn’t look as clean as it usually does, it’s in pretty good shape.

This one filled the sewing bingo “print” requirement (though honestly almost everything I make fills that requirement!). Only two more to go and we’re not even halfway through with the year yet! I also already know what the last two will be but will not be working on them until I’m back home. One is a By Hand London Hannah Dress in a green raw silk noil (Solid) and the other is a pattern hacking project to create a costume from the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (More Involved).

Next up is another repeat, a Chalk and Notch Fringe dress. I had a few frustrations with this one when it came to the facing not quite fitting correctly (I believe that there was either a cutting error or the neckline stretched a bit) but I took a step back, thought about it logically and made it work. There is a slight imperfection in the top but I doubt anyone but a fellow sewist would notice it, and they would have to be extremely close to me to see it!

This one knocks a fabric off of my Make Nine for the year. Fabric is from Sew Over It; it’s their own design. I bought it months and months ago and had yet to use it until now.

Sadly the rest of these fabrics are tucked in my apartment (the Hannah Dress I mentioned above is partially made in that green fabric already), so finishing this challenge will have to wait. Even so, being more than halfway to the goal of using all these fabrics at this point in the year is promising!

I’m definitely getting a tiny bit stir crazy not being near all my equipment, but in the meantime I’m still here reading, sewing and eating and sharing it all as I go!

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