{Pattern Review: Jennifer Lauren Handmade Asteria Dress}

Once again we have reached a quarantine project that I started but never finished. I’ve got about two more to go before I complete all these things, which is my fall goal right now.

A few months ago, Jennifer Lauren Handmade released their Asteria Dress pattern, and I immediately wanted to try it. I loved the silhouette and the little collar detail. The only trouble was deciding which view I wanted to make first!

I ended up going with View 1, which features the collar (though you can easily use the collar on View 2 also) and a button front bodice. I chose an Atelier Brunette fabric that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

I cut the dress out in April or May, and then promptly did nothing else. It sat on my work table until this past weekend, when I decided it was time to tackle the pile sitting on my work table!

After getting started, I no longer know why I put this dress off for so long. It went together so quickly and easily, I finished it within a day, buttonholes and all! Because I finished it so fast, I didn’t really take any pictures of the construction process, but made sure to do a few detail pictures once it was finished.

As I said earlier, I love the collar detail. I think it really takes the bodice up a notch, and I love how it lays. View 2 doesn’t necessarily call for the collar, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding it on when I try it, because there will definitely be a View 2 version coming up in the near future!

The skirt features box pleats, which are really easy to do, and add another nice level of detail as well as a slight fullness to the skirt. I really love how they came out with the print on the fabric.

The final product came out so cute! I love this dress, and will definitely get a lot of wear out of it. I have a feeling this one is going to end up on the tried and true list!

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