{Recommended Listening: Podcasts}

I like music, but I’ve never been super into just listening to it. I prefer listening to stories and voices, which is why I always have a tv show or movie on in the background rather than the radio. However, I have recently become very into Podcasts, particularly when I’m driving. As I drive upstate frequently, I have come to enjoy a number of different podcasts.

Here’s a couple of Podcasts I really love, in no particular order (okay, the first one is my favorite, but then they’re random):

The Office Ladies

I have watched The Office so much and know everything about it… or so I thought! Enter Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam and Angela, respectively, to give me the inside scoop! I eagerly wait for Wednesdays to arrive for a new episode, and I try really hard to save them for my car rides, but often fail miserably.

My favorite thing to listen for is quotes from Jenna Fisher that show how alike we are. It’s like we’re literally the same person sometimes with someone the things she comes up with… and it often shines a light on things that I think are weird about my own personality (throwing hyper-themed parties anyone??) and makes me feel better that someone else out there is just like me! (Not that there’s anything super weird. A better word would probably be “quirks.”)

In any case, if you are a fan of The Office and you somehow don’t already listen to this podcast, I highly recommend checking it out. Fisher and Kinsey have tons of insight into the production and come up with tons of behind the scenes facts that you would never know without one of their famous deep dives into the internet.

Check out The Office Ladies here.


Love to Sew

Any sewist who knows about Podcasts probably at least knows about Love to Sew, even if they don’t listen to it. I admittedly discovered it about a year into their production (they just hit three years) and so I spent a lot of time playing catch up before I allowed myself to listen to new episodes. I am admittedly behind again as I’m usually listening to Office Ladies, but I still enjoy listening to people talk about sewing as much as I do!

Check out Love to Sew here.


The Baby-sitters Club Club

Yes. All BSC all the time. Books, tv shows, podcasts. When I like something I have a one-track mind. I enjoy this particular podcast because it’s unexpected. First of all, it’s hosted by two men, one of whom read the books as a kid and his friend who is being introduced to them as they go along. They discuss the book plots and often go off onto tangents with hilarious outlandish theories about the series. I’ve come to really enjoy their ridiculous plot twists and ideas, and the dynamic between the two of them is really entertaining to listen to.

I have SO much catching up to do with this one – they’ve gone through almost the whole series at this point and I’m only on the episode for book four. This one is definitely going to take up a lot of my car listening time in the near future.

Check out The Baby-sitters Club Club here.


Stuck in Stoneybrook

Stuck in Stoneybook is another BSC podcast, recently discovered and not as far into the series as The Baby-sitters Club Club. While this one can often be a little over-analyzing/political for my taste, I still enjoy listening to Anne, Emily and Esme talk about the BSC. They do have some amusing insights and I love the fact that I’m not the only nearly forty-year-old woman out there who can’t let go of these books for children.

Check out Stuck in Stoneybrook here.


Ask Me Another

This is a game show from NPR, and I enjoy playing along with the contestants. They also have special guests that come on for interviews and games, but it’s really the games I’m in it for! If the guest is not someone I’ve heard of or am particularly interested, I usually just wait patiently for the games to come back.

Check out Ask Me Another here.


In Bed with Nick and Megan

I’m also a big fan of Parks & Recreation, particularly Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler as Ron and Leslie. However, the combination of Nick Offerman and his wife Megan Mullaley (who also played Ron Swanson’s ex-wife Tammy 2) is brilliant. So when I discovered they had a podcast, I was fully on board.

Pre-corona, I believe they literally recorded the show in their bed, guests included. I suppose now they stay in their bed and maybe the guest is in their own bed? Honestly I’ve been listening to so many things lately I haven’t had a chance to catch up on this one, but I always enjoy it when I do. It’s a nice mix of humor and serious interview, and they feature people from all facets of entertainment.

Check out In Bed with Nick and Megan here.

I’ve actually come to enjoy driving long distances because of these podcasts, but I find that it still doesn’t give me enough time to listen to everything! There’s a whole bunch of Parks & Recreation podcasts I just found that I want to start getting into, but I’m going to have to finish something first!

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