{Tried & True Patterns: The Sew Over It Lizzie Skirt}

Until last week, I had only made one Sew Over It Lizzie Skirt, but I already knew it was a Tried and True Pattern. I was proved right when I made two over the span of a few days of work (total hours of sewing time at least, I didn’t see everyday). It’s such a great wardrobe staple, and really quick to make, even if you’re relatively new to sewing.

In my continued effort to work on my unfinished projects before starting new projects, I pulled out the Lizzie Skirt I had cut back in the height of quarantine.

The fabric I used had been sitting in my stash for a LOOONG time. I received it in a Sew Over It fabric club box a while back, but took a really long time to decide what to do with it. When I was packing up for my sister’s, I grabbed it and the Lizzie Skirt pattern on a whim, and they turned out to be a match made in heaven.

I got home from work one day determined to get this skirt done, and I was able to do the entire thing in almost one afternoon.

The finished product is a super drapey and soft skirt, perfect to wear to work, or out for dinner with friends (both of which I did on Friday!).

I love how perfectly it pairs with the Lisa Comfort Cardigan I had (there’s like one left on the Sew Over It site right now).

While I was at this one, I decided to also work on a second Little Skirt, this time with fabric I had purchased specifically to make one from Blackbird Fabrics. This one went together just as easily, with the exception of me sewing late one night and accidentally putting the zipper into the BOTTOM of the skirt. It was so frustrating, particularly since it was a beautifully inserted invisible zipper!

However, it was a very small setback that I fixed quickly and easily (albeit inwardly screaming at myself the whole time).

I love the print on this fabric, which features architectural drawings.

The architecture fabric was a very slightly heavier-weight than the floral so the skirts have a slightly different feel when they’re on, however they both fall beautifully and took the pleats really well.

And yes, this is a different Lisa Comfort Cardigan, this time in black… I actually have three (the third one is red). Makes me want to get myself more cropped cardigans in every color available (I just do not really have ht patience for knitting).

Now for a little bonus: I took advantage of having all my Lizzie Skirts out to model the shirts I made back in April! The Burgundy one is a Jennifer Lauren Handmade Vielle Top and the stripe is the Sew Over It Audrey Top! The white skirt is the original Lizzie I made last year.

I have another piece of fabric in my stash that I think is destined to become another Lizzie in the very near future!

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