{Pattern Review: Sew Over It Giselle Dress}

My sewing motivation is having a moment. I have finished two projects in record speed over the past week, all with fabric from my stash (of course, I also somehow managed to purchase two new fabrics as well, though I will say that I have been really good – well, better than normal – this year about using what I have!).

I’ve had the Sew Over It Giselle Dress in the back of my “to make” pile since it was released a few months ago. I wasn’t sure it was my style, but something told me not to discount it. It sat for a while until I remembered some stash fabric I had leftover from another project (admittedly, a project that also remains unfinished… one step at a time!). I pulled it out, made sure I had enough of it to complete the dress and got to work.

The fabric I had was a cotton lawn that I also got from Sew Over It a long time ago, and have technically never made anything with (at some point I WILL get to the little shorts jumpsuit I cut out with the rest of it… but as it’s currently the middle of November in New York, I don’t think I’ll need shorts any time soon).

Giselle is a simple but elegant style sheath dress, and it’s an incredibly easy sew. Even with the bound neckline, a beginner could easily tackle this project and be pretty successful. I was able to race through most of it, looking forward to when I would try it on (as I still wasn’t 100% convinced it would be my style.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the final product! I loves how well the pattern and the fabric ended up going together (I was worried that the fabric was going to be a little too loud for this style, but I don’t think it is at all).

The fit ended up being absolutely perfect! The only modification I made to the dress was to shorten the skirt quite a bit. I think in the end I took off about 3-5 inches of skirt. When I held the pattern pieces up to my waist they went down to my feet so I knew even with hemming that the dress would be way longer than I wanted it I cut it out as is.

This will be a perfect one for when I’m back to regularly working in person… or even before that! I may just start getting myself all dressed up for nowhere to go, just for myself.

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