{Latest Makes: Heather and Joan}

I’ve been surprisingly productive the last few weeks. Teaching from home cuts out my commute time (not that my commute was that long begin with, but it still makes a huge difference to my day) so when I finish up with my workday, I’m already home and ready to get started on my personal projects! And lately I’ve been shopping in my fabric stash and trying to use up what I have before buying anything new. This has resulted in trying new patterns as well as some of my tried and trues.

First up was a new Sew Over It Heather Dress in a (hunter?) green Ponte di Roma.

I have had this green Ponte in my stash for over a year. I got it back when Sew Over It was doing their monthly fabric subscription boxes, and I just never used it. I had vague other plans for it, but decided randomly the other day that it needed to be a Heather Dress.

This one bring the Heather Dress count up to five! Not bad for a pattern that I initially thought would look terrible on me! They are insanely cozy and comfortable and one of these days when I get the motivation to stop wearing yoga pants all day everyday, I’ll be wearing these for remote teaching!

Next up was another Sew Over It T&T, the Joan Dress, though this is only the second one I have made.

This one was also made in a Ponte, although the pattern generally calls for a woven. However, when I made my first one, I took a shot on the Ponte and it came out really nicely. Since the Joan Dress is so fitted, the fabric has enough structure to keep it fitted, with a little extra ease due to the stretch. One of these days I’ll made the straight woven version as well, I’m sure, but I really enjoy the two I have done!

This year, December is not as busy for me as it normally is, so with any luck I’ll just get to keep sewing away and have lots more to share over the coming weeks!

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