{Latest Make: Sew Over It Betty Dress}

My second make of 2021 is done! And it was a completely spur of the moment dress that only took a few days to complete from conception of the idea to finished product.

About a year ago, I purchased about three meters of a checked wool from Blackbird Fabrics (the bottom in the photo below). I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with it, but then it just sat. And sat. And sat. We went into quarantine, I stayed with my sister upstate for three months, and then it was summer and not exactly a great time to reach for wool. The other day, however, I pulled it out with a vision in my head for a full skirted Betty Dress.

I wasn’t sure the fabric was going to work for a Betty Dress (from Sew Over It). It features large checks, which could potentially be a disaster on a circle skirt. I also wasn’t sure I would have enough to do the bodice along with the skirt. I decided to cut the skirt out first and see what happened, figuring I could make it into just a skirt if I needed to.

Once I cut the skirt, I had just enough to cut out the bodice, but I wasn’t happy with the way I cut it (the stripes for a little crooked) and I felt like it would be too much stripe/check. I went back into my stash to see if I had any solid black to make the bodice out of. I found some, and quickly cut it out and put the dress together. I’ve made about five Bettys already, so I can practically put it together in my sleep at this point.

Once the dress was done, I felt like it needed a little extra something, so I took some of the extra gray fabric and made a little fabric bow to put along the neckline. It definitely gave the dress a boost of retro vibes, as well as tied the two fabrics together.

I absolutely love the final result! It’s the perfect retro style. I put a crinoline on for the pictures for some added volume with the skirt, but it looks great without it as well.

Challenge Updates

This fabric did not appear on my Make Nine list, so that challenge doesn’t get a progress mark this time around. However, I was able to easily fit it into the other two challenges.

For Sew Prints 2021, I was able to check off the box for “Checks.”

And for Sewing Bingo, I was able to check off the box for “Spur of the Moment,” since this project was something that I decided on and completed out of nowhere!

Moving right along with my makes for the year. All my recent fabric orders arrived, and I can’t wait to cut into them and get started on my planned projects!

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