{January Makes Round Up}

The first month of 2021 has already come and gone, and I have been extremely productive. With no musical to finalize costumes for, all that energy has gone into personal projects, and I managed a whopping five! Most have already been featured so we’ll do a quick recap, but then two new ones will appear as well.

Above you see my Closet Core Patterns Carolyn Pajamas, my Sew Over It Betty Dress, and a pair of Nina Lee Picadilly Pyjamas, which I made for a post on Minerva in exchange for the fabric (you can go to their site to check out the post).

Next up was a Jennifer Lauren Handmade Sorrel Dress, which has been sitting in my project drawer for ages. I cut it out a LOOOOONG time ago and just never sewed it together. I have no idea why, but I took the time to do it, and am happy with the results! I was worried it would be too small but it’s actually just a tad on the big side (but not so much that it’ll prevent me from wearing it).

I included my challenge updates as well. For #sewingbingo2021, I chose “a repeat,” since I have made a Sorrel before and for #sewprints2021, I chose “Nature” since I already used floral for my Picadilly Pyjamas (said pajamas are also “a first” in #sewingbingo). This fabric did not appear on my #makenine2021 list so it doesn’t progress that challenge at all.

The final project I completed was another Sew Over It Lizzie Skirt. I love a Lizzie! It’s such a quick and easy project! I bought this adorable, quirky cocktail hour print fabric, and made quick work of it over the weekend, completing the hand sewing last week.

For challenge progress, I chose “novelty” for #sewprints2021, “separates” for #sewingbingo2021 and checked the fabric off of my #makenine! If I am being entirely honest, at this point I think it’s going to be difficult to get through the prints challenge, since I mainly stick to florals, but we shall see! Surely I can manage spots, plain, abstract and stripes at some point! The rest? Not so sure.

I love how the different colors in the print of the skirt allow for different top options! This one is going to be a lot of fun to wear out… y’know, when we do that again.

January was an exciting and productive month, and I’m looking forward to making February just as fruitful!

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