{Pattern Review: Deer and Doe Coquelicot Dress}

I am pretty on the ball when it comes to new pattern releases, at least from the companies that I know and love. Sometimes a new pattern will come out and I’ll get it but not make it right away and other times, the pattern will be bought, printed and sewn before even a week has passed.

This is what happened with the new Deer and Doe Coquelicot Dress.

I have had this pretty floral fabric in my stash for a few months now. I had an idea for what I wanted to make with it, and then once it arrived, I changed my mind. And I couldn’t decide what direction I wanted to go in. When Coquelicot was released last week, I knew what I had been waiting for: the pattern was perfect!

I love it when you just know the perfect fabric and pattern pairing as soon as you see them!

I bought the Coquelicot the day it was released, and by that evening I had it printed out and taped together and cut to my size. I didn’t have time that day to cut my fabric, but I had it ready to go for when I had a little extra time.

The construction of the dress is fairly simple. The front bodice features princess seams, while the back and skirt have darts. The only somewhat intimidating part is the collar ruffle, but for me it was more tedious than it was difficult. You have to be careful and take some time with it, but the end result is worth it!

The finished project is an adorable little summer dress that I can’t wait to wear to a brunch! I will admit that it is a tiny bit on the short side for me, compared to what I usually wear, but that’s what bike shorts are for (though I may not even need them… probably depends on how windy it is!).

Challenge Count: Sewing Bingo

Shockingly, I haven’t used the “Print” category for sewing bingo yet, so I’m using it on this one! This one doesn’t fulfill either of the other challenges as I’ve already used floral for Sew Prints, and this was a new fabric purchase after my Make Nine was made for the year. Sewing bingo is still proving the easiest to get through this year.

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