“You do what you love and fuck the rest,” says Dwayne, the son in Little Miss. Sunshine.  This has been my motto for a very long time.  Nothing is worth doing unless you love it and it makes you happy.  Other than that, summing me up is a difficult thing to do.  I am and intend to be many things in this world, among them a teacher, a writer, a costume designer, a reader, a photographer, a cook, a crafter.  My favorite thing to do is laugh.  My greatest wish is that everyone still dressed like they lived in the early 60’s.  I’m often a barrel of contradictions – I definitely talk too much, and yet still remain rather shy.

This blog is to document my attempt to make it through this weary world with a little grace, style, class and, of course, fanciness! Originally there was going to be a greater purpose, but as I have continued on this foray into the blogging world, it has become a place for thoughts, recommendations and a place to show my efforts to make my own little corner of the world a little more lovely.  As for more, I plan to keep a running list of random quirks about me here (the first ten come from a post on the same topic):

1.) I develop hopeless crushes on fictional characters (Jim Halpert from The Office , Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation and Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey are three such examples).

2.) I can be extremely territorial, and only let people into my various corners of the world after I’ve known them for a length of time (said length of time varies depending on the person).

3.) I can and like to sing, I just don’t do it very often or in public.

4.) I, an educated English major, read and enjoy an obscene amount of “chick-lit.”

5.) I have a great respect for people who create their own worlds (i.e. J.K. Rowling, M. Night Shyamalan, Baz Luhrmann – just to name a few); this is the reason I love working in the arts and designing and making costumes.

6.) I don’t care if food touches other food on my plates, but I always eat in sections, finishing one thing before moving on to the next one.

7.) I think it would be awesome if people were to randomly break out in song, like in a musical or if cities (both local and foreign) played local cultural music for all to hear so that it felt as though you were walking through a real-life movie while seeing the sights.

8.) One day I want to rent a camper and drive all over the United States to see the big landmarks and the not so big ones (i.e. the World’s Largest Ball of Twine).

9.) From my family, I am a mix of Swedish, Scottish, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, and French (and I’m pretty sure I’m leaving one or two out).

10.) Most movies and t.v. shows (and sometimes even the odd commercial or two) make me cry (or at least tear up, as I seem to do in every movie I see lately!), for no reason whatsoever.  It could be a happy scene, a sad scene, or just something that has affected me for one reason or another!  I have inherited this trait from my mom.  It used to annoy me, but it turns out I actually like this trait!

11.) If I could invite anyone to a dinner party, dead or alive, they would be: Audrey Hepburn, J.K. Rowling, Kate Winslet, Nigella Lawson (she’d also cook, of course), John Krasinski (see the #1 random quirk about me), Joel McHale, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler (and her Parks and Recreation comrades), Jimmy Fallon (yes, a lot of SNL alums – remember what I said about loving to laugh?), the entire cast of Arrested Development.  It would be an awesome party.

12.) I randomly drink champagne by myself (much like others drink wine) just because I like it and think its fancy. No celebration needed!

13.) Sometimes I still like to stage Debbie Gibson concerts like I used to do when I was 11.  Only now they usually take place in my car.  I particularly rock “Foolish Beat” and “We Could Be Together.”  “Lost in Your Eyes” is not too shabby either.

14.) I like accordian music – not the polka-esque kind but the kind you might hear while walking the streets of Paris.  I’d like to learn to play this instrument.

15.) I can find a comparable Friends episode (or scenario) to match every real-life situation.

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