Europe Pictures

During my travel tales posts, I have been showing you only a small window into the trip, but have now updated my family website with pictures from the full ten days.  To view them, click here.  Make sure you have some time set out, because I am not kidding when I take pictures, and there are over 200 of them for you to look through and enjoy!

While I’m here, I might as well regale you with the very short tale of our last day in Europe.  We woke up and had a leisurely morning with breakfast and then prepared to meet Evelyn and go out for the day.  She took us into France (a short drive from their house) where we were going to eat, but we were unable to find a decent restaurant, since the town we went to was eerily deserted.  Instead, we drove to Baden-Baden (in Germany) and ate there before walking around the city looking at the baths and the casino.  Outside the casino, there was a band playing music – and everyone who knows me well knows that I think Europe should constantly be playing music in order to further set the atmosphere, so I really enjoyed that!

We did not stay in Baden-Baden for very long, and then we headed back to Karlsruhe to meet Gunter and then head to their house for a final dinner – a barbecue!  We simply sat and ate and enjoyed the last night together before flying home the next afternoon.  The trip was a great success, and I am glad to get home, but I’m already missing it and am thinking about next summer’s plans already (Italy and Greece?  Spain?  Austria?  Sweden?  Scotland?  The choices are endless…)

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