The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Every couple of months, my mom, sister, cousin, aunts, three friends and I all get together for tea. Each time we do so, we set the theme of the tea party. Thus far, we have ranged from simply “pink” to favorite movies, favorite songs and, this time around, Alice in Wonderland. It’s certainly no secret that I love all things Alice, and luckily this love is shared with my friends and family who all got together to have a Wonderland-style tea party. Truthfully this was mostly accomplished in the decor, and in the fact that we were all asked to dress up to represent a character (there was no one crazily shouting, “Move down!” or fixing watches with mustard – alas), but I hope that everyone was still able to feel a sense of wonder.  All the little touches were there – Pam and Katherine did a great job of decorating the table with all the trimmings (“eat me” and “drink me” signs were there in abundance), and even some of the teacups and plates were Alice-themed (some obviously so with pictures, while some plates were simply the checkerboard pattern so often connected with Alice).  Everyone was in fine form with their tea sandwiches and desserts, and all in all it was a lovely afternoon.

I’ve loved these teas since we began them many years ago.  They have always been such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and with good company, what could be better?

Our next tea theme is Hollywood/Favorite People, meaning that the decor will be a more Hollywood oriented theme, while the baskets can be anyone from a famous icon to a regular person that you admire.  I’ve got a few ideas for mine, which I am keeping quiet at the moment, but I’m sure my loyal subjects can all figure out the people I have it narrowed down to.

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