{Travel Tales: A Weekend in Massachusetts, Part One}

Our family adventure in Massachusetts began Thursday morning, September 24. After delaying the start of our travel plans, my mom, my aunt and I piled into the car with more stuff than any three people should need for a three-night stay at a hotel (okay, fine, most of this stuff was mine). I settled into grading papers as the car made it’s way to the lovely state of Massachusetts, and the three of us also watched the sky as the weather changed, and hoped that it wouldn’t rain on Saturday for the (outdoor) wedding the whole family was to attend.

Upon arrival, we settled into the hotel and met up with the branches of the family that had already arrived. Almost immediately we left to visit my mom’s uncle at his house, where his famous mushroom soup was awaiting us! After greeting this rarely-seen section of our family, we all settled in to catch up, and Katherine and I headed out to the yard (where our uncle has an amazing garden that has won the best garden prize for many years running now!) for a little photoshoot (because, really, do we do anything else?). However, it was still chilly and drizzling a little bit and we soon headed inside for dinner (just in time, as it turned out, as a downpour soon began).

Katherine and Joe in Dugie’s yard.

Dugie shows Pam the garden.

Katherine, headed back towards the house.

The evening was spent enjoying the family we rarely get to see and, of course, food and wine! We headed back to the hotel full, tired and ready to watch The Office, only to discover that the ONE channel not working in the hotel that evening was NBC.

Katherine and Joe waiting to see if we can get the t.v. to work.

In the end, we ended up watching Project Runway, and falling asleep early, eagerly awaiting the next day, which would take a different turn than we originally thought it would!

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