{Travel Tales: A Weekend in Massachusetts, Part Two}

Because there are so many pictures from this day, I’ll use the pictures to tell the story this time around.

After a nice leisurely breakfast at the hotel (complimentary), we headed out to do some shopping before going back to Dugie. Here are Ted and Joe waiting for everyone to make it down to the lobby so we could head off in our various vehicles. We had a big day planned, complete with the aforementioned shopping trip, stopping off at Dugie’s before going to visit his friend John’s house, and then having dinner at the Causeway (our favorite eatery in Gloucester).

Since the weather was nice and clear, we took the opportunity to complete the photoshoot we had started the day before. Katherine and I wandered around Dugie’s backyard, and even into the stream behind his property, to take some pictures.

Then it was off to John’s house. The main purpose of the trip was so that Joe could check out John’s piano, which was supposed to be amazing. However, before that, we checked out the incredible house, which was mostly made of of different parts of other buildings. It was gorgeous! The windows in the room above were four stories high, and I felt like I was in a Jane Austen movie when standing in that room.

We checked out the piano, which was located in a grand room designed to look like a ship. Joe played, and the piano was, in fact, deemed amazing. (It sounded great to me, but I wouldn’t really know a great piano from a good one, and I assume there was something in the way that it played as well that only regular, well-versed pianists would know.)

The next room, just off the room with the piano, was a new wing of the house, not yet completed. I can’t remember the story exactly, but it was a salvaged piece from another building, brought to the property to be added to the house. I called it “the church room,” and said that, if it were my house, I would select that room as my master bedroom suite! Here’s Katherine in the little foyer space, and the view looking up from where Katherine was standing.

We spent some more time checking out the piano, and I got to go up to the little balcony that looked down on the room. Following that, we checked out the grounds (the last picture is “the church room” from the outside) and took some more pictures before getting back into the car. We heard from Lindsay and Paul, who had driven up that day, and found that they had already arrived at the Causeway to get us a table. So it was off to Gloucester to meet them and have dinner.

In our next installment, we have dinner at the Causeway and take an unexpected trip to John’s other house (yup, you read that right) – on the beach!

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