A West Coast Adventure, Day Five: Wedding Bells

Today was all about the wedding of Shane and Mike.  From early morning until late at night we celebrated, first heading over to Shane’s house to help prepare and get everything ready for the day.  I took over 300 pictures today so this post will truly be just a sampling of them and, in fact, will also serve as narration for today.

Before I begin, I just have to say how lovely the wedding was.  It was officiated by Mike and Shane’s aunts, on a hill in Gas Works Park, overlooking all of Seattle.  The ceremony was very personal, and even included a song that the whole group sang together at the end (which I will post when I return home and have access to my computer with the bigger memory power!).  It was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to, and you could really see the personal touches of the couple in it (for example, pies instead of cake), and I had a really nice time.

Enjoy the gallery of pictures!

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