The Making of My Sister’s Wedding: Flower Girl Dresses, Part Three

Summer vacation means I am now dedicated to the project of creating the three flower girl dresses for the wedding. The skirt pieces are still up in the air (though I have an idea for the skirt that will work), but I decided to go ahead and cut out the bodice pieces yesterday.


Laying the fabric out. I love piling the fabric on the floor and just looking at the sheer amounts of it which will become a dress (or what have you!).


The pattern pieces for two of the dresses get placed on the fabric, and cut EXTREMELY carefully. However, I soon realized that our fear of not having enough fabric for this project was completely irrational. There’s a TON left, and there will be even after the skirt pieces are cut out. I’m saving all scraps, however, just in case we need them for something.


The bodice pieces, laid together. These will, obviously, be lined.


The bodice back pieces.

I plan to do the lining today, and then begin putting together the pieces of the bodice, which will give us a better idea of what kind of skirt we need/want anyway!

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