Travel Tales: Hawaii 2004, Part Three

Day three of our trip to Hawaii dawned nice and bright (in fact, I don’t think it rained the whole time we were there, and even if it did it was a passing thing, like much of the island). Kara and I were flying solo, as Lindsay had classes to attend. Already dressed in out bathing suits for out beach excursion later in the day, we decided to walk through Waikiki and try to find the zoo, which was easy as long as we stayed on the main street that lined the beach.

The zoo proved to be like most other zoos. The larger animals were less than impressive. Kara and I had a discussion about how the lions and tigers never seem to do anything when you visit them in the zoo. We both agreed it was because they felt that they were interesting enough to just look at, prompting me to comment (in the “voice” of a tiger), “I’m a tiger. I know I’m impressive, so gaze at me whilst I while away the hours on my rock.”

The highlight of our zoo trip, however, had to be the evil peacock that almost attacked us. As we were walking down a path towards the cheetahs, we were blocked by a peacock showing us his full plumage. As we started to walk past it, it made whatever sound a peacock makes. There was no other way around, so we simply watched the animal for a few moments. We were “saved” by the arrival of other guests who wanted to take a picture of the creature. Forcing it to turn sideways, we “escaped” the bird by sneaking behind it while it was distracted by others! We left the zoo soon after.


We picked up a quick lunch and then headed to the beach for the first time on our trip. It was there that we encountered Diaper Man for the first time! Diaper Man, we would later assume, was a regular at this particular beach. He had quite a tan going for himself, and he slicked his blond hair back. His black bathing suit was rolled up at the legs and tucked in, giving the whole thing the look of wearing a diaper. His large gut hang out over the top of his bathing suit, and he stood wading in the calf-deep water holding a large Burger King cup. As it turned out, this was one of his favorite pastimes, as we saw him each time we returned to the same beach.

The last of the day’s excitement was after we returned to the hotel to wait for Lindsay so we could go have dinner (our chain restaurant of the evening was Red Lobster). Kara, who is notorious for getting a sunburn on her cheeks, had been very careful about applying sunscreen to the problem area. However, she neglected to put it on the rest of her body, resulting in a bright pink sunburn across her chest and shoulders! She spent most of the night standing in front of the air conditioner to cool it off!


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