Travel Tales: Los Angeles 2006, Part Two

Day three of our Los Angeles journey began with our first glimpse of the Hollywood sign. After a quick breakfast of – what else? – toast and peanut butter we headed out, intent on making it to Universal Studios. Jordan took us on a brief tour of Hollywood on the way to the studio, so in addition to the sign we got to see the Chinese Theater for the first time, the Kodak Theater (where they hold the Oscars) and caught far away glimpses of some of the stars on the walk of fame (we get to experience those things from outside of the car later on in the trip).

We arrived at Universal Studios quickly, where we parked in Jurassic Parking 3K – as big fans of Jurassic Park, we were highly entertained by this fact (plus we appreciated the highly dorky play on words!). The day was already quite warm and we were not really prepared for the walk through what seemed like a little village within Los Angeles, but we managed to reach the ticket booths and pay.


Our first stop was the Universal Studios Lot tour, which was very interesting. We got to see, among other things:

1. The Bates Motel and House set
2. Wisteria Lane
3. Whoville
4. A plane crash set from War of the Worlds
5. King Kong sets
6. New York street and other set locations

In one lot they were filming the show CSI while we were there and we had to be very quiet while passing the large building. No star sightings however – there was not a lot going on in the studio that day. After the tour we walked around a bit more and checked out some of the movie props that grace the park.

Emily and I share an affinity for pigs, so we were excited to find Babe!  (Also, check out my super dorky sneakers.. and the fact that I thought I was super overweight then... I would kill to look like that today!)

Emily and I share an affinity for pigs, so we were excited to find Babe! (Also, check out my super dorky sneakers.. and the fact that I thought I was super overweight then… I would kill to look like that today!)


Universal Studios has a nice scenic viewpoint, actually.

Universal Studios has a nice scenic viewpoint, actually.

We then went on the Jurassic Park ride, which was a lot of fun! Sitting in the front row, Kara was quite scared when it came time for the big drop. Though we didn’t notice at the time, in her fear Kara had stuck her elbow right in my face in an effort to hold on the railing for dear life. We just had to buy the picture afterwards!

We headed back to Jordan’s where we parted for the evening. Jordan and his roommates headed to see “Miami Vice” and Kara, Emily and I decided we wanted to “cruise around.” We also had not had dinner yet so we wanted to find somewhere to eat. We ended up driving down Sunset Boulevard, and finding a little Italian restaurant. The waiter came over to take our drink orders, to which Emily replied, “So, what do you have? I mean… like… what kids of, um… uh, well… I’ll just have water.” Apparantly Emily forgot what drinks were called. Later that night she would entertain us one more time when, while passing an open convertible, she looked in and said, “They should really put the top up. Someone might steal their towels!”

Once done with dinner, we continued to ride around a little bit, heading onto Rodeo Drive where we saw the steps from Clueless! As with our brief LA tour from the morning, this visit was simply a drive-through one. Our stop on Rodeo is a story for the next installment.

However, the beef stick from part one of the tale returns here. That night, we decided we wanted to watch a movie on Jordan’s laptop. Apparantly, the laptop had issues and the cable to charge it was loose and would fall out. Jordan, looking around for something to prop it up with, came across the beef stick we had brought him as a gift (yes, we brought him beef jerky from the airplane snack box). “Ah, this beef stick is going to come in handy!” he exclaimed, and he attempted to use it to pry up the cable. At first it didn’t work, causing Jordan to then exclaim, “Come on beef stick, don’t fail me now!”

Finally it worked, and we all fell asleep watching Wedding Crashers.

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