The Making of My Sister’s Wedding: The Flower Girl Dresses, Part Six

Today we headed out to do the fittings on the flower girls, and found that the dresses fit almost perfectly on one flower girl, but were a little bit big on the other two. I’m very glad I didn’t end up putting the zippers in beforehand, because they fit so much better at the end of the day today than they did when we started! I am happy to say, however, that we didn’t have to hem ANY of them! The pre-hems I did were perfect on all three girls!


Once I had marked all the zipper locations, I set to work. I cut off the excess fabric and pinned the zippers. Two of the girls look on as I get ready to sew.


Making sure the dress fits with the finished zipper.


Here come the flower girls!



And… we’re done! They are so cute in their dresses, and I can’t wait til they wear them at the wedding next week!

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