The Making of My Sister’s Wedding: The Men’s Bow Ties, Part Two

Well, the saga of the bow ties has been going on all summer long, which was not my intention. However, as easy as the bow ties were to put together, I wasn’t particularly into the project because of all the little finishing details that needed to happen when they were done. Plus, I needed NINE of them. And they were all the same, and boring. Second, with other projects and travelling, the project just fell by the wayside, so here I find myself, about twelve days before the wedding, with the bow ties not quite finished (but almost).

Then, we found out that some of the bow ties were too short for some of the groomsmen so we needed to add some more fabric in. Then we needed to make a bow tie for the ring bearer, and we wanted his to be a clip on so he doesn’t untie it all day (he’s four). Once that was made, we thought they looked so much neater than the original bow ties, so the plan was to make the new bow tie for ALL the groomsmen.


Once this was made, it was so darn cute! And it took the guesswork out of figuring out how to tie the darn things!


The bow tie making factory.


Cutting the various bow tie pieces.


The finished product – the ring bearer’s bow tie.

But… long story short… thank goodness I only did one of these, because we switched back to the old bow ties, which I am now doing the finishing work on.

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