{Real Life: Colette's Bridal Shower}

Over the next three months, my family is celebrating a number of special events – from weddings to baptisms to anniversaries. This means a lot of time together at various events leading up to and including the main ones. The festivities kicked off this weekend with the bridal shower for Colette, who will soon be officially joining the family when she marries my cousin Jordan in December. On Saturday, October 25, we all headed upstate to eat, drink, open gifts and enjoy each other’s company.

It was an Indian-themed bridal shower, “stealing the culture” (as Colette said) of the maid of honor, Colette’s longtime friend and the hostess for the afternoon. She planned a number of activities, both Indian-themed (henna tattoos) and general (“How well do you know the bride?”). It was a surprise (technically, though Colette’s mother told us it had long ago been discovered!), and so Colette was not there when most of the guests arrived. As we waited, we filled out game cards: the aforementioned knowing the bride game as well as guessing the ages of Jordan and Colette on a poster.

When Colette arrived she was adorned with a flower garland and had a small ceremony performed on the threshold before coming in to enjoy the party. She was also given a sari to wear for the duration of the celebration.


With Colette at the party, things really got underway. The food was served – a traditional Indian street food, which from what I understand would normally have been eaten from a paper cone but I can’t remember the name of it! Outside, the henna tattooing began.

Before the gifts were opened, there was also a small ceremony at the beginning of the gift giving in which a few important women in Colette’s life, including her mom, grandma and my Aunt Lori, all presented a small, special gift separate from the ones she would receive from the guests.



Once that was complete, it was time to open the rest of the presents. Seriously, I want to register for stuff! Can’t I just throw that into conversations? Like, “I am registered at Pottery Barn.” “Oh, for what? Are you getting married?” “No, I just like getting stuff.” It should be the signature line in my emails: “registered at Pottery Barn.” I think it works. Can’t guarantee it’ll get people to buy things for me though (in fact, I’m pretty sure that’s a good way to NOT get people to want to get you a present)!

Jordan arrived shortly after the present opening, and just in time for cake. AS the types of cake were being described (lemon mousse and nutella mousse), he entertained by asking which one was the lamb biryani mousse (can’t say we don’t have a sense of humor in my family!).



Most of all, it was a nice get-together before the big flurry of wedding excitement. The wedding is just about six weeks away now, and we’re all excited to celebrate with Jordan and Colette!

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