{Real Life: Pickle's Baptism}

Next up for the family celebrations was my niece/goddaughter’s baptism. This was the day after the bridal shower for Colette and so it was a big weekend of family fun. The day began with me heading over to mom’s to help watch the baby while everyone cleaned up and got set up for the party. I was on baby duty and so it was my job to make sure the Pickle was entertained and happy while everyone was busy. I was also given the task of getting her dressed for the day in the dress I made (which I may do a separate post on at some point) out of an IKEA curtain (I keep telling people that as though it’s a point of pride… maybe it shouldn’t be… but I like to think it’s very Maria Von Trapp of me).

But on to the celebration at hand… We arrived at the church early in order to attend the church’s mass before the baptism ceremony. We were joined by a good amount of family members for the church portion of the day, and a few more came once the baptism had actually begun. There were six other children being baptized that day, and we had met most of the families – or at least learned their names – at the baptism meeting we had attended a few weeks before.


The baptism went off without a hitch, aside from the Pickle not being remotely happy about being there. I can’t say that I blame her – baptism seems like it could be kind of scary if you don’t really understand what’s going on. You’re in a cold church (well, this is likely not typical, but it was FREEZING in that church!) and you’re getting chilly water poured over your head – it’s very overwhelming!


Once the actual baptism was over, we headed back to mom’s to celebrate. Food was served, drinks were poured and everyone ate and had a lovely time. Family that we haven’t seen in ages came, and it was nice to spend time with everyone, including those we had just seen the day before at the bridal shower!


And thus our Family Fun Weekend was over… but there’s more to come. We’ve still got another bridal shower and two weddings, not to mention the upcoming holidays!

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