{Upcoming Projects}

Cutting out patterns and fabric is usually the step that makes me procrastinate the most at the beginning of a project.  It’s not particularly difficult but I always dread it for some reason.  I think it has to do with making sure I keep the pattern organized as I work and making sure all the pieces are together.  Sometimes it’s just easier to have a “cutting day,” in which I take all my fabric and patterns and cut out my projects.

Today I tackled three out of six of my upcoming projects, cutting into my growing pile of Rifle Paper Co. fabric.  The first was the Rosa fabric which was my very first purchase from the company (of fabric anyway), and one I have been putting off for reasons I honestly don’t really know.

Of course, first I had to press all the fabric and make sure it was wrinkle-free. 

And then it was time to get to cutting.  I cut out the pattern and then the individual pieces of fabric.  After studying the instructions I realized I didn’t plan for any lining but thankfully my next dress project had enough lining fabric for two dresses.

The next was my rayon challis fabric from the original collection.  I don’t work with a lot of rayon but I already love the feel and the drape of it.  The pattern I’m using is from Colette Patterns.  I tried using it a few years ago but never finished the project, as my skills for making clothes for myself weren’t where they are now.

This one I had plenty of lining for because I planned well in advance for it.  Though it’s not quite the blue I would’ve paired with the Rosa fabric, it worked well enough and saved me a trip to the store (or the wait for delivery).

The final cutting project of the day was a polka dot sundress, using a Butterick pattern.

So now I’ve got three projects ready to go, with three more on deck.  

I’m excited to add these dresses to the line up and to show off the rest as soon as I have them cut and ready to go.  With any luck, these dresses will make their debuts at work in September.

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