{Chantilly & Rosa Dresses: Finishing Work}

My last two dresses went together so easily I barely stopped to take pictures of the progress.  The Chantilly dress is now completely finished and the Rosa dress will soon follow.  I did manage to get a few pictures of the finishing up progress.

Let’s start with the Chantilly.

This dress suffered a bit due to my error in judgement when it came to the lining.  It was supposed to have a full skirt lining, but I decided to skip it.  This was not a problem, it just meant finishing the lining by hand.  However the problem was my inaccurately reading the directions and installing the bodice lining wrong.  Instead of going back and pulling out seams, I decided to embrace the wrong and do it a slightly different way.  It worked out in the end but there are a few more lumps and bumps than I would’ve liked.  The dress is, however, completely finished and just awaiting being photographed on me.

The Rosa dress needed to be lined and have the zipper installed.  Once those two things were accomplished it was a matter of finishing the armhole seams and putting in the horsehair braid in the hem.  I have yet to do the horsehair braid but I have it ready and waiting.

And now these two dresses are just hanging around waiting for those last touches:

I am very excited about these latest additions to my handmade collection, and I will show them off soon!

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