{Sewing: July Projects}

Looking at this blog, you would think I’ve turned all my attention to reading lately, which is so far from the case it’s laughable.  It’s just that I’m determined to complete that reading challenge and to do so the same way that I’ve done the past ones: by writing posts about it.  My reading time, however, is actually very limited.  Even though I’m off for the summer and not working, between driving upstate and seeing friends and doing various activities, I don’t read as much as I want to.  This is also partially because I’ve been doing TONS of sewing.

I don’t know what happened, but something in my desire to sew for myself changed drastically.  All of a sudden, I want to make everything I wear, from dresses to pants to skirt to tops.  A lot of this had to do with the fact that, this past November, I discovered Sew Over It, a London-based pattern company and it was a match made in heaven.  Since then, I have collected their patterns like a junkie (like seriously, I’m even a member of their PDF club and get the early pattern releases) but with the musical happening at work, haven’t had time to really get going on anything.  I dabbled here and there.  I printed patterns, I taped them together, I worked on them slowly but it wasn’t until June that my personal sewing took a very serious turn.

The first project I did was actually something I started a while back.  The Vintage Shirt Dress in a beautiful rayon challis from Cotton + Steel.  Ever since discovering Rifle Paper Company’s rayon challis fabrics, I have loved working with it (sidebar: the new English Garden collection from Rifle is coming out soon and I’ve already pre-ordered a bunch of fabrics).

I adore this shirt dress pattern.  It was so easy to work with and the end result is so flattering (shirt dresses, in general, are awesome and I’ve been very successful making them for myself).  I love the collar details and the gathered shoulders.

Around the same time I finally finished my shirt dress, I also got this Marguerite Dress in the pre-release for the PDF club.  I immediately loved it, and knew that I had to pair it with this herb garden fabric from Rifle Paper Co (see link above).  However, I think my favorite thing about this dress is that it replicates a costume from the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey that I have wanted forever (and haven’t been able to find anything like).  This dress is, admittedly, a tad snug in the waist but that’s nothing that a little actual exercising and eating well can’t fix!


Not all my sewing was for me.  My niece loves new dresses and coming with me to Joann Fabrics, so a few weeks ago we headed over there and bought this pretty purple floral print, as well as a pattern that had a matching doll version.  I made them some matching dresses, and we had a little photoshoot.  This was McCall Pattern 7233.

My niece also got new dresses for her birthday.  These are both patterns from Elegance and Elephants.  On the left we have the Flora Dress and on the right the Mira Dress.  They were both so easy to work with, and came together in a few short hours.  It’s hard to see the details on the Flora, but it’s got a really pretty gathered bodice.  I need to do it in a color block the next time I make it so that you can actually see the little details.

Next up for myself was the Doris Dress (again from Sew Over It).  This is such a cute little summer dress!  They also have a longer version which I am looking forward to making soon as a work dress.  I used another Rifle Paper fabric, a cotton lawn with a sunbathers print.  As with all these patterns, this one was a dream to work with, and I made this dress in one afternoon.

My nephew also got something in the deal: his crab suit!  I made him a matching shirt and shorts in the cutest crab print.

And finally up for me was the Poppy Playsuit.  I wasn’t crazy about the fit on this one, but have some ideas as to how to improve it the next time I make it.  I really want to make the pants version for work.

I’m excited to continue to develop my new wardrobe.  Now I just need to clean out my closet to make room for these exciting new things!

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