{Out and About: Rose Mansion}

One of thing things about living in Brooklyn is that you’re in close proximity to everything in the surrounding boroughs, as well as a lot of surrounding upstate New York, if you have the means to get there (which I do since, unlike fellow New Yorkers, I prefer driving to taking public transportation). I often find myself happening upon strange things to do, either via one of my tangents on the internet or social media. Thus I stumbled upon Rose Mansion through the Mommy Shorts instagram account, and it seemed like the perfect girl’s day out!

Because we’re all off in the summer, we were able to take advantage of going at their opening admission time, which meant (hopefully!) less people AND it was the happy hour price ($35 as opposed to the normal $45 after 4:30).

As tends to happen with these pop up events, the Rose Mansion seems to exist for the sole purpose of taking artsy instagram pictures… and I am just fine with that!


When you arrive at the mansion, you are greeted with treats: a wine glass for your samples (though I will admit to being disappointed that it was plastic and not more of a keepsake) and a cute little wine bottle pin.  The first room is a little overview of rose, and you even get little stickers to put all over and room – so essentially you become part of the decor!


At its core, the “mansion” is a museum of rose, in which you walk around “the world” and taste roses from different countries.   Along the way there are photo ops and things to interact with, such as the scratch and sniff wall (which we used more for a rainbow photo op than smelling).

The first room is the jumping off point, and is set up like a gateway to the world.

At this point, there were small rooms with strange things to see: one room requested that you lie down and look up, but the picture of me in it looks more like I stole a full bottle of rose and downed it in one sitting… not the case (you get the equivalent of about two glasses of wine while you’re there, and this was after only one… and I am not a lightweight!).

We spent more than a few goofy moments in these rooms, making pretend phone calls and taking selfies.  (Seriously, I know I said it before, but the photo ops really were endless.)  Oddly, the place I took the LEAST amount of photos was the room I see all over other’s people’s posts from the mansion: the purple ball room.

Continuing our Willy Wonka-esque tour around the world of rose, we found ourselves in the blending room, where you could mix up your own blend of rose.

And when was the last time you were in a ball pit?  I know I definitely can’t remember but it helped to make the sparkling rose section one of the best parts of the mansion.  The tower of rose was super cool too, but would’ve been better if you could actually drink it!

We continued through the tour, entering the gardens, where there were rose-petal filled bathtubs to sit in.  And at this point I have to mention that each room was perfectly lit as well – way to go rose mansion… though I assume all these places do something like that since they are what we call “instagram bait.”


The photo above off the three of us in the bathtub is one of my favorites from the whole trip!

In the next room you can swing on a crystal chandelier swing, something we definitely all did (but which I will not post any pictures from cause all the ones of me look super awkward and crazy!).  Then it’s off to the “throne room,” where you can don a crown and sit on a throne.  I did my best to channel Game of Thrones:


By the way, I’m wearing a dress that I made – one of my favorite makes of the summer but I’ll get into that in my August sewing post at the end of the month.

After doing my best Cersei Lannister impression, we moved through Ancient Greece for more wine (and grape feeding) and then neared the end of our journey through the rose mansion.


Before leaving, we checked out the bar and a dew more photo opportunities.

Though we didn’t end up getting anything at the bar, we did get an idea of some new roses to buy, and all in all not a bad way to spend the afternoon.  Now off to find more ridiculous popups to take pictures in!


The Rose Wine Mansion is located at 445 5th Avenue (New York, NY), and is open through October.

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