{Sewing Plans for Me!}

It’s an all sewing-centric week on the blog! My original post for today was going to be about my makes for February (I shockingly have several). However, some nasty weather thwarted my ability to get photos of everything last week and so I’ll save that post for this Friday.

This is some of the fabric I’ve hoarded lately that I don’t have a use for yet. It’s a cotton lawn so I know it’ll be a dress of some kind, but I haven’t decided which one!

Now that The Little Mermaid, Jr. is over, it’s time to get back to sewing for me! I have missed making my own clothes so very much and have found myself getting quite sick of the jeans and sweatshirts I’ve been wearing while in musical crunch time. Not only that, but I’ve got a trip to Scotland and England coming up in six weeks, and I want to wear lots and lots of my own creations, especially since the trip includes a visit to the actual, real-life Sew Over It store in London!! I’ve literally been keeping a separate trip budget for the few hours I will be among all that glorious fabric!

You’re about to see a laundry list of upcoming projects. I am a relatively speedy sewer (comes from years of working on the costumes for work, in which I have to make tons of stuff in short periods of time), but I don’t expect to get through all of this in the next six weeks before the trip. This is just my general list of upcoming projects, which I am sure will be added to as we go along.

Back in December, I joined the Sew Over It fabric club, a monthly subscription in which I receive two fabrics perfect for dressmaking, as well as two knits (I subscribe to two separate boxes). Between that and the fact that have a fabric buying addiction (much like many fellow sewists), I have collected quite the stash over the last couple of months. I have so much to do, and hopefully now I will have the time to do it in.

Above you can see a watercolor stroke print cotton lawn that I haven’t quite picked the perfect project for yet. I have a few of these fabrics right now, in where I have a vague idea of what I want to do but haven’t committed to the perfect project just yet. For example, the following two fabrics (both from the woven subscription box) are both going to become skirts, but the specific style has yet to be chosen:

Currently the two skirt fabrics and the cotton lawn are the only ones I haven’t assigned a project to. Most of what I’m going to show you has a plan.

Let’s begin with another cotton lawn, this one in a floral print on a mustard-y yellow background. Normally this would not be fabric I would gravitate towards, but I got it as part of the subscription box and thought it was really beautiful. While yellow is not normally my favorite color, I love the large floral print in greens and pinks. My plan for this one is a Sew Over It Lea dress, which is one of their patterns that I have yet to make. I am excited to try out something new, and I have been looking for just the right fabric for this dress for a while.

Up next we have subscription box cotton lawn (most of the boxes come with 3.5 meters of lawn). This one I have all cut out and ready to go to make my second Kate Dress. This should be a quick project once I get started, as I have already made up the Kate once already and know all the nuances of the pattern. I think it will look really great in this floral.

In the knit subscription box department, we have this cozy striped knit. It’s a little heavier than most knits I work with, and I think it would make a perfect Heather Dress. I’ve been looking for something to make that will be nice and comfy for the flight to Europe, and that I can wear for a brief stint of sightseeing once we arrive. With a pair of leggings, I think this dress will fit the bill perfectly. I’m actually going to use both sides of this fabric to make the dress, but I neglected to photograph the other side. It’s a medium pinkish/red color, and I’m going to use it for the contrasting panels on the Heather.

A few more knits I’m planning to make are another Zadie Dress (from Tilly and the Buttons), a Sew Over It Emma, a new SOI Ultimate Shirt dress, a Tilly Agnes shirt in red polka dot and either an SOI Edie or a Tilly Agnes from this confetti print jersey. For the Burgundy knit , I’m thinking a Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s Closet. My knit skills have been improving lately, and I can usually run through a knit project even faster than a woven these days.

Back in the woven category, I have another Jennifer Lauren Handmade Sorrel Dress planned in a viscose (I THINK… it’s from the first subscription box and I don’t know where the little card it that said what it was, but it feels like a viscose). I’ve also got a Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress in some leftover Rifle Paper Co fabric I used for another project last summer. The Sorrel I have made before, but the Darling Ranges is a new adventure!

Finally, we have my two favorite upcoming pieces. First up is the new fabric collection from Lisa Comfort, which I received in my latest fabric club box. Let me tell you, I was beyond excited when I opened that box and found a fabric I had been eyeing. I knew immediately that I wanted to use it to make a Penny Dress, and I cut it out immediately after photographing the fabric. Lisa Comfort is the genius behind Sew Over It, but she also runs a separate little business under her own name where she sells her fabric and cardigans. Her first collection was a beautiful set of cotton lawns. This new collection is all crepes. This fabric is so soft and drapey and I can’t wait to work with it!

Finally, we have the crowded faces cotton lawn. When I saw this on the Sew Over It site, I knew I had to have it immediately, even though I had absolutely no plan for it. After I bought it, the image of a jumpsuit quickly came to mind, and I haven’t been able to shake it. I haven’t quite confirmed this yet, but I’m pretty positive I’m going to be doing the SOI Camille Jumpsuit. I have no idea what event I would wear it to, but I know that this fabric needs to be a statement piece, and I am willing to go out of my garment comfort zone to do it!

And there you have it: the list of items that has been accumulating since around November or so. This also doesn’t include the projects I have cut out or are in mid-make, which takes this list even higher. For the time being, I’m on a fabric buying ban until I make up some of these items (other than the fabric club). In any case, I’m excited to get to work, and to see what new pieces become part of my wardrobe soon!

I’ll do an update next month with what I managed to make in March, but stay tuned for Friday, when I show you what I actually managed to make for myself in February!

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