{My Makes for February}

No one is as shocked as I am at how much I managed to make for myself over this past month. I have not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE makes to show you.

Now, in all honestly, the first make I’m going to show you was started a while ago (so long ago that I can’t remember when exactly), and this month I polished it off and added the sleeves and did the hems. It really shouldn’t have taken me so long… it was a Sew Over It London Edie Top, one of the easiest patterns to make with a few hours of your time! I had a small amount of trouble with this one as I had first started working on it on a machine that I wasn’t used to using, and so I ended up creating a few little bumps in the neckline. I managed to smooth them out, and I love the top. This pattern comes from their Work to Weekend ebook, which has this and some other amazing patterns in different variations.

Next up we had the Sew Over It Molly Top, which was on my make nine list this year! This one was from their other ebook, the City Break. I don’t love how this one came out. I don’t feel like the fit it quite right on me. Even so, I am willing to try again as I like the pattern a lot. I’m very lazy when it comes to making muslins, but I do think I need to play with the fit on this one just a bit to make it work for me. I have yet to wear this one out, and this picture was solely for blog purposes (like I’m seriously wearing workout pants and a sports bra since I was prepping to do a workout).

In other knit garment news, I also made myself a Tilly and the Buttons Zadie Dress for the first time. The jersey I used was from Blackbird Fabrics, and I think it was a little more lightweight than the project called for, but it still works (and it’s a beautiful, soft bamboo jersey that I definitely want to use to make something else in the near future). The polka dot a a jersey from Sew Over It. Other than the having a little trouble with the pockets, this dress came together quickly, and it’s crazy comfortable to wear! I already have some more fabric ready and waiting to make another one.

Then, the piece de resistance of the month was that I was able to make myself a new dress for each of our shows! In the end, I only wore two of them, as on the day of our matinee it snowed, and a dress just wasn’t a practical choice for going out in.

For the Thursday show, I made the By Hand London Anna Dress. This one is a new favorite! The luxury crepe I used from Sew Over It, and it is so smooth and beautiful! I think crepe might be my new favorite fabric to work with. My original intention for this dress had been the maxi skirt version with the dramatic slit, but that seemed a little bit too much for a middle school production! Even so, after my success with this shorter version, I definitely want to try the longer one as well, perhaps in a velvet for around the holidays.

For the Friday show, I went with the Sew Over It Grace Dress, mostly out of necessity. When I bought the fabric, the site only had a few meters left, so I grabbed up what I could! The Grace Dress is currently only available through their online class, but I highly recommend it! The Grace is an easy make that I didn’t really need a class for, but the Sew Over It video instructions are fantastic, and I always end up picking up a few useful tips and tricks when I take them.

As for the Saturday dress, I ended up wearing it to our second elementary school show just yesterday! It was still cold, but I was determined to get it in before this post went live! This is a Sew Over It Betty dress, one of my absolute favorite patterns (I’m planning a future post in which I talk about all the different Betty dresses that I have made). Aside from the mile long hem, it’s an amazingly quick make, and the fit (at least for me) is perfect as is without any adjustments! I love that it has lots of variations. This version was made using the add on, with a scoop neck and sleeves.

It felt so good to get back in the saddle of making things for myself this month! Over the past year, I have really come to adore making and wearing my own garments, and just want to be working on them all the time!

Now to find my actual tripod so I can take some nicer outfit pictures when I’m at home!

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